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Gagium 2020 - The Independent Choice

A choice for you, the people.

Having joined the FCN in September 2017, Gagium is an experienced candidate who has served as Secretary of War, Secretary of Internal Affairs, and President, never putting partisan politics above job and duty. While serving in the Conservative Party, Gagium often voted against the majority of the party and never put party politics in front.

Gagium has experienced the highs and lows of our great Federation, sticking with the region and doing all that he could to help the region grow and prosper as long as it has existed.

In previous elections, Gagium has never promised positions before the election and has worked to stop corruption dead in its tracks and ensure the region is merit-based.

While serving as Secretary of Internal Affairs during President Furbish Island's term and in the past, Gagium has created numerous successful roleplays and has created the FCN Awards, which are still running to this day. Gagium has also led the FCN to victory as Secretary of War and has maintained constant activity in the senate.

An agreeable, common sense agenda.

Revive the Department of Foreign Affairs and the role of Head Diplomat. We will create new embassies, evaluate inactive embassies, forge new friendships and usher in a new era of interregional cooperation.

Protect Regional Culture and ensure that our discord and RMB is an enjoyable place for everyone. Public political debates, writing/art competitions, and game nights will all be options for making the FCN the greatest region on the site. We'll also have meme competitions. Heh, just kidding.. unless?

Continue our great roleplay and potentially start many more great roleplays. We will aim to attract roleplayers from across the site to join our ongoing FCN 2020 Roleplay and any other roleplays that I may create with my Secretary of Internal Affairs, increasing the FCN user base and creating a more active region.

Put the Federation of Conservative Nations first! No, this does not entail isolationism - We will build new ties with regions that want to befriend us and we will strengthen ties with our current allies, yes. But this will all be done to benefit us - We will not sell our region out to those who oppose us and want to see us fall.

Turn the Army of Freedom into a competent fighting force through raiding/defending training events, raiding commie/fashy regions and the like, and organizing the Army of Freedom discord server and ranks.

Yeah, cool..anything else?

The people will decide! Ever had an idea on events or the like that you wanted implemented but couldn't find an officer or senator to propose or implement your idea? No worries! As President of our Federation, I will host 'referendums' and opinion polls on YOUR ideas. I will follow the majority of the region on these plans and ensure that everyone has a voice in my government.

Why not the other candidates?

That's for you to decide. Vote for who YOU want to vote for - Don't let others or your party leadership tell you who to vote for. Make sure to follow along with the January 11th Presidential Debate for more on my positions on various topics, and feel free to telegram me questions. I will publish more campaign dispatches as the election approaches - Stay tuned!