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Tsul Honeywar was a 33 year-old castle maid for the King and Queen of the Burning Heart. One day, she was called into the room of the crowned prince. He attempted to rape her in which, out of pure adrenaline and instinct, she killed him with a shard of broken glass. It was murder. Despite the murder being in self-defense against rape, it was considered a felony and not a capital crime, of which the Crowned Prince would’ve faced no charges or consequences. Tsul was to be tied to a pole and killed by a firing squad of bowmen. Tied up and sobbing in her final moments, Tsul heard a voice call out to her.

“It would seem as you’re in trouble...” the voice said.

“I-I’m going to die...” she weakly proclaimed to herself.

“It does not have to be that way...”

“Wh-what?” She sniffled.

“I’ll get you out of this, ok?”


She was shot and promptly buried in an unmarked grave. Three days passed, and she emerged. She stood at a daunting 6’ 5”, with wide hips and a large bosom. Her strawberry blond hair reached to her lower back, and flowed like the rays of the sun. She discovered that she was immortal, as well. But it came at a price. To continue living, she had to consume the young. And so she did. Despite her curse,‘Beautiful’, is all one could describe her as. She returned to the castle, determined to deliver justice. Starting as a castle maid, she looked different enough to where people would not recognize her as the woman who killed the Prince. She quickly rose up the ranks of the House through her looks and charisma. Within months, she was the Royal Advisor to the King and Queen.

Almost immediately the King began having an affair with Tsul. In a subconscious understanding, she murdered the Queen by poisoning her honey. The King married Tsul, making her the Queen of the Burning Heart. The King died of unknown causes. Tsul did not remarry. And thus, Tsul Honeywar had taken her place as Queen of the Burning Heart.

Then, in the neighboring Kingdom of the Scholarly, the King and Queen died of a humor imbalance. That left a 12 year-old to rule the Kingdom. “What?” Tsul thought to herself. “A child ruling a Kingdom? That Kingdom is supposed to be led by the wisest man! A child cannot fill that spot! This is an insult to all!”

She encouraged him to educate himself, to which he did. Two years of living like a Queen had passed, and the boy returned a man. He condemned her and her Kingdom. The neighboring Kingdom of the Bladed People followed suit. It was war. Three years of it. Through clever tactics, she had defeated both, and banished the child-King to a random dimension. She rested for three-hundred years, ruling over an empire. In the meantime she learned to harness the power of fire, it must come with the whole ‘immortal’ gimmick. Then, a prophesy. Soon, a man would return to free the land from her rule. She believed that she could defeat him, and worried little about the Blizzard. The Bringer of Winter would douse her flames and cool tensions. Three-hundred years later, the child King returned, but remembered nothing. She was lucky to reach him first.

She made his acquaintance, and named the boy Iym. She took him to her castle and threw him in the prison, where she would take his life. However, he made quick friends with a twelve year-old, and the two escaped. Tsul would not have been so mad, until she heard that they had stolen her favorite horse. It. Was. War.