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by The Holy Traditionalist Empire of Creeperopolis. . 24 reads.

RP | TCN | Instatement of a Naval Blockade on the People's Republic of Morova

To the Security Council of the Terraconserva Council of Nations
Sponsored By: Government of the Holy Traditionalist Empire of Creeperopolis, the Creeperian Armed Forces (CAF), the Senvarian Liberation Front (SKBF), the Militarist Front for National Liberation (FMLN), the Militarist Nationalist Front (FRENAMI), and the civilians of Creeperopolis.


Acknowledging, that the Deltinian Liberation Army (DLA), Deltinian Peoples' Defense Militia (DPDM), and their commanding "Emirate" of Deltino (Deltino), are all terrorist organizations based in the department of Deltino in southern Creeperopolis.

Appalled, by their acts of terrorism, war crimes, and crimes against humanity such as:

  • The enactment of no quarter (taking no prisoners) and killing all POW's (prisoner of war)

  • Targeting of civilians not involved in combat

  • Attacking, razing, looting, and burning villages

  • Using civilians as forced laborers for their "jihad"

  • Executions of anyone refusing to convert to Deltinian Islam

  • Use of child soldiers and chemical weapons

  • Taking of hostages for ransom, then executing the hostages following the ransom being paid

  • Using Deltinian civilian structures as cover and bases for operations

  • Slaughtering Deltinian civilians, then leaking the photos as alleged "Creeperian war crimes"

  • Ethnocide and Genocide against ethnic Creeperans, Castillianans, Senvarians, and Senvekians

    Absolutely Horrified, that the People's Republic of Morova would ever wish to send aid to, sell arms to, and even militarily assist these vile, unethical, and evil monsters who declare themselves to be "freedom fighters" (Deltino, DLA, DPDM), as displayed in an intercepted telegram found on a captured Deltinian commander. The note can be seen HERE.

    Concerned, how Morova wishes to fund terrorism and terrorist organizations in foreign countries rather than helping their own citizens recover from a recent civil war.

    Remembering, to the Creeperian Genocide, which killed millions of Creeperans during the 1930's and 1940's, the very reason this Council of Nations was established.

    Wishing, to prevent another genocide.

    Wishing, to bring an end to the violence in Creeperopolis.

    Wishing, to bring an end to Morovan funding of terrorism world wide before it can even have a chance to manifest itself, saving hundreds, thousands, millions of lives.

    Wishing, to bring aid to the Morovan citizens.


    Denounces and Condemns, this motion by the Morovan government to fund foreign terrorism.

    Denounces and Condemns, the Morovan government as a whole for failing to care for the needs of their citizens in a civil war torn nation.

    Calls, that members of the TCN closely monitor any flights to and from Morova to ensure no arms smuggling is occurring in violation of the TCN Resolution: Ban of the International Sale of Weapons to Morova.

    Calls, for members of the TCN to put pressure on the Morovan government to care for the needs of its citizens and to cease pondering the thought of funding foreign terrorist organizations.

    Calls, for members of the TCN to send humanitarian aid to the citizens of Morova who are being denied aid by the government.

    Hereby, instates a naval blockade upon the People's Republic of Morova to prevent the rouge regime from funding foreign terrorist organizations, however, only allowing humanitarian efforts to enter and leave the nation to help the struggling and impoverished Morovan citizenry.

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