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| Character Profile | Her Most Augustness Claudia, Imperātrīx Rōmānōrum

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Claudia III

Empress of the Romans


20 March AUC 2770 - Present


21 March 2770


Lucius XIII

Heir Presumptive











22 December AUC 2745 (age 28)
Palātī Cæsaris, Rōma, Italia





Full Name

Claudia Antonia Alexandria


Lucius Antonius Alexandricus


Artoria Cornelia Alexandria


Privately tutored


Sol Invictus


Imperātrīx Cæsara Claudia Antōnia Dīvæ Augustā, or commonly Claudia III The Fair, (born 22 December AUC 2745; Claudia Antonia Alexandria) is the currently reigning Empress of the Romans. She is formally titled Her Most Augustness Claudia the Third, by the Might of Sol Empress-Caesar of the Romans, Venerable, Our Master, First Citizen, Mother of the Country. She ascended to the throne in the year AUC 2770 shortly after the abdication of her father Lucius XIII due to the latter’s increasingly ill-health. Her heir presumptive is her younger sister Valeria.


Claudia is the firstborn daughter of the former Roman emperor Lucius Antonius Alexandricus and his consort Artoria Cornelia Alexandria. She was born on 22nd December AUC 2745 in the imperial palace in Metropolitan Rome. Her birth was well received throughout the Empire, with her father naming her upon her acceptance into the imperial family. Claudia was dotted upon by her mother and the palace servants. She was, however, put into education from an early age, placed under the tutelage of her aunt the Governess of Brittānia in order for her to be educated in stewardship and political administration. When she reached the age of 16 Claudia was relocated to Sicilia for a short period of time, beginning a 2 year long journey to each region of the empire to learn about these regions and the people that reside within them. Her education was continued during her journey under the imperial tutor assigned to her by her aunt. She would finish her journey in early December AUC 2763, returning to Metropolitan Rome in time to celebrate her 18th birthday.

Claudia would reside in the city of her birth for 3 years before joining the military at the age of 21 in April AUC 2766. Prior to enlisting Claudia was active in charity work, public and religious ceremonies, and was being educated further in multiple subjects of her choosing. She was trained and stationed in southern Gallia, though she was soon reassigned to the garrison in Alexandria two months later. She spent a year in the military, finding the legionary lifestyle to be something not for her. She would return to Latium and travelled extensively. She resided in the Persian capital of Ctesiphon for 6 months in AUC 2769 where she learned Persian and developed a sympathy for the Persian religion. She was required to leave and return to Rome for her enthronement and coronation following her father’s abdication in AUC 2770.

Since the beginning of Claudia’s reign Rome has enjoyed years of peace and prosperity, though this is more attributed to the reign of her father. She has been an active monarch since the very first days of her reign. She’s been attending Senate hearings and debates, promoting charities, often checking in on the status and progress of the provinces of the empire, and pushing for more diplomacy with Rome’s historical rivals. Unfortunately the Roman provinces of Iudea and Arabia Occidentis have become troublesome in recent months due to a sudden rise in anti-Roman sentiments and religiously-based attacks upon Roman citizens and garrisons.

Politics and Beliefs

Claudia is generally considered by political observers and academics to be moderate and generally unwilling to take radical actions or positions in regards to politics. She has positioned herself as more of a unifying figure rather than a divisive one, with her politics largely revolving around maintaining imperial Roman unity, the popularity of the monarchy, keeping the peace and furthering Rome’s ambitions beyond Earth. In her 3 years of rule Claudia has focused her attention on bettering relations between Rome and the Persian Empire, hoping to amend the historical rivalry between the two Eurasian powers and instead focus their combined might towards the Qing Empire and Bharat, both of whom have in recent years become more threatening to Rome’s future plans.

When it comes to policies Claudia prefers pragmatic and benefiting courses of action, though she can sometimes understand less than practical policies if they serve another important purpose to the state that implemented it. She’s kept silent on her opinions regarding abortion, eugenics and religious crackdowns amongst other issues in an attempt to save face and remain nonpartisan. Her lack of action towards the policies enacted by the imperial government has some believing she in fact endorses or condones free access to abortion, eugenics and the discrimination faced by Christians, Mohammedans and anti-Roman Jews.

Titles and Honours

    Empress-Caesar of the Romans, Venerable, Our Master, First Citizen, Mother of the Country.


    Imperātrīx Cæsara Rōmānōrum, Augustā, Dominus Noster, Prīnceps Cīvitātis, Māter Patriæ.

Personal Life and Information

The Empress, by those who’ve met her, is known to be a temperate, patient and honest individual of fine breeding and character. Her official residence is the Palātī Cæsaris in the empire’s capital. On occasion she relocates to her summer residence in Melitē, or visits her parents and other close relatives during the summer months and times of festivities. In her free time Claudia enjoys gardening, playing board games, admiring art and reading. Though rarely she does sometimes enjoy fine dining with close persons in her palace.

Claudia is currently without a consort and she is thus in search for one. She is believed to be largely apathetic to her unwed status, however. Her lack of children means her younger sister will succeed her by default unless she designates a different heir.

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