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What is Iym?

Iym is a character, obviously. One of my own making. In fact, Iím writing a story of it all, but this is the second draft. There was a first draft, but they follow the same formula.

-Boy wakes up with no memory and goes on a quest to free the land from an evil Queen named ĎTsulí, who is human but allowed a demon to inhabit her. It makes her immortal, but only by consuming the lives of the young can she continue to be.
-Boy is named Iym, finds a twelve year old and goes, ďthis will be fine, Iím only overthrowing a monarchy!Ē
-Finds a Cloud
-Collects 6 shiny things to destroy Tsul
-Child dies
-Iym kills Tsul and brings peace to the land!

The first draft was bad, however. Iym accepted the quest, no questions asked. The childís name was Carson, and had no character development. Tsul was overly-sexual for no reason, and every single character was just a plot device with no emotional structure. It was bland, so I did what all writers do!

I disowned my first draft, locked it in a place where no one will find it, and start over. Obviously. I refuse to talk about the sequel I made. Just kidding.

In the end of the first story, Iym leaves the people to conquer the land and set up an empire to make sure no one like Tsul can ever rise again. Iym goes on top of a mountain, and seals himself in ice where he remained for ~2500 years. He wakes up to a modern day nation, and is in a lab being researched, since the people discovered he had a pulse despite being frozen. He makes a quick escape after collecting his relics, and learns that his precious empire fell apart and several independent nations and Kingdoms emerged.

A cult discovers Iym, and knows only one thing can stop him from roaming the land. Tsulís 18 children, obviously. They awaken all 18 of her daughters, who set out to kill the man who took their motherís life.

Letís see, I can make Iym afraid because he remembers nothing, Tsul names him, kidnaps him, and throws him in prison for her to destroy at a more convenient time! And then, he meets the child. Except this time, his name is Iwan Tobe. They escape from prison, steal a horse, and flee from a now-pissed-off Tsul who realised her horse just got jacked. They travel through the night on horseback and wake up in a village, where a kind man treats them to a meal... which contains honey. Tsulís calling card. They pass out and wake up tied to a pole, with Tsul on a faraway hill calmly walking towards them. Iym overcomes his fear and decides to be not so much of a coward, and the Light gifts him with a Heart of Ice; a power built to rival Tsulís burning heart. They manage to make it out alive on their horse, which by now they have named Butterhop. Iym has accepted the quest, which is to go out and collect six relics so he may finally vanquish Tsul and bring normalcy back to the land!

The two move to a base where they presume to be the next relic, and find a cloud. They free it from Tsul, where they discover the Cloud is a girl, and has named herself White Feather. She can carry Iym and fly around with him, along with forming herself into a humanoid shape, punching at mach speeds. They continue on, in search of the four remaining relics.