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The Imperial Legions || The Empire's Finest

"We shall fight, as protectors of our king's empire!"

LinkTheme song - Triarii Final Legion

The Imperial Legions are the personal army and guards of Basiliarch Leon II. They are the Empire's elite fighting force in command of ground and naval assets, given the most effective weapons and armor with added ornateness. Through alchemic and scientific means, the Imperial Legions are able to grant their soldiers enhanced endurance and muscular strength. Although they excel at all kinds of war, they highly specialize in siege warfare with devestating effect. On top of that, most excel as investigators and locators.

They were originally called the Aetherian Legions as they originally called the world of Aetherburg as their home before the Empire had been created.

6 feet tall standard warriors of the Legions. This armor makes a legionary highly agile and capable of withstanding anti-tank shells. Their weapons of choice are the Golden Fury (a melee weapon), and the Gilded Lecture (A high quality gun). It acts as an exoskeleton to improve combat effectiveness. In addition, their helmets possess an area scanning system, a sound amplifier to detect even the slightest of noises, x-ray vision, regular, thermal and nightvision.

This armor is relegated to high positions of authority such as the Captain with good reason. Like the MKII Standard Armor, it possesses an exoskleton, improving agility and making the commander able to lift 3x it's own body weight. The armor itself is able to block something akin to that of an anti-tank rounds. The area scanning systems, a sound amplifier to detect even the slightest of noises, x-ray vision, regular, thermal and nightvision are also included in the helmet. In addition, it's thin golden mohawk on it's helmet lies a shield generator, casting a circular shield around the armor - able to negate mortar shells and tank rounds.

Legionary Warden is known for it's 16'feet in height. As such, no human could ever pilot the most powerful armor in the Legion's arsenal - able to withstand the crush of a boulder and also pound one too dust. Instead, this armor is the armor of fallen veterans. Their spirits will pilot the massive machine as if it were alive. It could run at a top speed of 35 mph and can lift entire tanks. It's fists are armor heavy making them melee combat viable, however they primarily use the 'Thunder Axe', able to slice through walls and tanks with ease. In addition to two melee options, it possesses an energy shield able to withstand tank shots and could equip a 'Ragnorok Assault Cannon'.

The Aetherian Legions are descended from another army lead by Leon II's father, Gordone Crescentian. This army was once referred to as the Sun Lions and Gordone ordered a fraction of them to be given to his son. Thus, the first iteration of the Legions was born, the Ard Fracti Legions, adopting a violet paint scheme for their armor in the process.

Soon enough they fought side by side with Leon II on various missions, showing their success in the battlefield as warriors. The Ard Fracti started to love Leon as their commander, developing a familial bond between him and the legion. This was put to the test when Leon II was kicked out of the Crescentian royal house. The Ard Fracti ditched the Crescentians in favor of Leon's leadership and sided with him on the their new home planet, Aetherburg, a lush and heavily fortified planet.

Leon II and the Ard Fracti, now the renamed Aetherian Legions, would defend Aetherburg from any incursion no matter the price. It was Leon II's new home and therefore their new home as well. And because of their dedication to the defense, Aetherburg's citizens saw the legions as heroes - even Aetherburg's governor was thankful for their presence.

For winning the approval of much of the citizenry, the governor of Aetherburg allowed the Legions to thrive in his planet. Leon II was pleased about this news and continued to defend the planet with his Legion, sometimes taking short breaks and drawing new recruits from the populace. Soon enough, Leon II would be the Governor himself.

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