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Types of Aliens

Digors: The aliens found on Digor are called Digors. They are native to the planet, and are very bulky. They have armor to protect themselves from the extreme heat. They all seem to have laser weapons, but they look primitive. Their species is also nomadic. The Digors speak in hisses and groans.

Kidars: Members of the race of Kidars are found on Kidario. They have blue skin with bulging black eyes. They are, however, pacifist, with no sort of weaponry. They seem to speak in some sort of Morse Code, with clicking their tongues to speak. (Currently mostly enslaved)

Prouftan: These aliens look and act alike to the Kidars of Kidario, but they seem to be more warlike then their Kidarion brothers. The planet seems to be in a state of tribal warfare, with each tribe having their own unique religion, culture, and even weapons. Their weapons seem to be powered by crystals, which they insert into their weapons.