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The Many Worlds and Catsfern. (A continuation of "In Character, but not In Universe)

So a while ago i said that many of my post were in character, but not part of Catsfernian cannon. Allow me to elaborate on that.

Many of us are familiar with the "many worlds interpretation"; the whole concept of an infinite multiverse with infinite possibilities, so pretty much the founding concept of Rick and Morty. Pretty much what im going to do is say that every interaction Catsfern has with other nations in the forums or in RP's are part of some sort of AU where Catsfern can somehow travel between various universes and interact with all the other nations. That being said this AU is not at all cannon to the in universe Catsfern. Cannon material about Catsfern can be found on the wiki, incoming factbooks (maybe), the Q n A, and any threads just about posting facts about your nation.

So yeah that's going to be my way of BSing my way out of trying to incorporate anything from the forums into Catsfernian lore.