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Planets/Moons Owned by Derika

-Saturnian Moons

-Hawking System
--New Carthage

-Ealen System
--Ealen IV

-Orrichon System

-XI Bo÷tis A System

-Koroda System

--Frusa-Moon of Buur
--Buuroin-Second Moon of Buur
--Nietca-Gas Giant
--Buur-Earth like planet.
--Farkarda-Tundra-like planet.
--Kidar-Tropical planet

-Yuhas System

--Yuhas-Main planet of system. Mountainous planet with some strips of open land.
--Digor-Desert planet. Small population of indigenous aliens. (Alien life found)
--Lopdas-Small desert moon of Yuhas.
--Heio-Gas Giant with the gas form of Derikan fuel.
--Sadriu-Small desert moon of Heio

-Kidar System

--Kidario-Main planet of system. Jungle planet with multiple rivers. (Alien life found.)
--Bakas-Forest Moon of Kidario
--Canardi-Second Forest Moon of Kidario. (Alien life found)
--Xijard-Tropical planet.
--Proufta-Tropical planet. (Alien life found.)
--Sertar-Earth-like planet
--Bakara-Jungle planet with tall trees.

-Dera System

--Dera-Lava planet
--Artemisa-Forest planet