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The Coronation of Queen Auphelia

Auphelia wrote:The Queen is dead!
Long live the Queen!

Beepee, arrange my coronation, posthaste!

It is a balmy summer's evening in Beepee. The air fills with summer fire, January embers. Smoke from the bushfires settles around the magnificent Coronation Castle, causing the sun to appear in a glorious crimson.

The honoured guests arrive filled with excitement for the forthcoming ball, lead firstly by delegate Aumeltopia, wearing a well tailored grey pinstripe suit with lavender waiscoat and russet bowtie.

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The masters of the Cabinet Erinor, Roavin, United Federated States of Omega, and Agalaesia, follow closely behind, each dressed in their finest splendour.

Local Counillors Zess and Concrete Slab, lead in the assembled masses fromt he RMB.

Each nation is presented to the citizens of the South Pacific by Beepee, whose pronunciation leads to titters and guffaws amongst the masses.

The crowds throng in the main ballroom. A noisy chatter fills the ballroom. Volaworand makes his way onto the stage at the far end of the resplendent in his formal attire.

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An expectant hush falls across the ballroom. Steampunk Engineers and Proctethia shuffle their way to the front of the masses to get a better view. Steampunk's shiny silver dress shimmering under the light from the chandelier

Beepee's voice booms across the Ballroom...

"Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen, esteemed guests and assembled riff-raff from the great unwashed...

Presenting, her magnificence, her delight, her gloriousness, the astounding Auphelia."

A single spotlight turns to the entrance, and Auphelia enters in a stunning mulberry coloured velvet dress, with a plunging neckline and satin detailing. The dress reminiscent of 1950s Dior.

Many of the assembled throng, gasp at the beauty of Auphelia, as she gracefully makes her way through the Ballroom to the stage.

Lily Pad Nation whispers to Si-topia, that Auphelia is the most beautiful creature she's ever seen. Whilst Midand and Hanguk-Nippon stand, mouths agape, in awe.

Auphelia makes her way onto the stage and waves at the audience below.

Joining Auphelia and Volaworand on-stage, Amerion and Pencil Sharpeners 2 enter. Amerion carrying a scarlet satin pillow, upon which sits a glorious crown of gold filled with diamonds and rubies. PS carries a small sceptre of gold inlay with mother of pearl and jade.

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Auphelia makes her way to a large golden throne in the middle of the stage and, quite charmingly, perches herself on the edge of the seat.

Volaworand, coughs quietly to clear his throat, and takes the crown walking from Amerion, before standing beside Auphelia.

Volaworand, in his duties, turns to Auphelia and asks "Auphelia, your majesty, will you solemnly promise and swear to govern the Peoples of the South Pacific in the manner they deserve?"

"I will!", declares Auphelia confidently. For Auphelia is a strong, confident, independent woman who knows her own mind and understands her own strength.

Volaworand places the adorned crown atop Auphelia's head and then hands Auphelia the gold and jade mace.

"Sirs", Volaworand proclaims, "I here present unto you Queen Auphelia,your undoubted Queen:

Wherefore all you who are come this day to do your homage and service,Are you willing to do the same?"

The gathered guests, cheer their willingness with joy, in exaltation they proclaim:

Long live Queen Auphelia.

Each of the members of the Cabinet rise and make they way to stage to pay homage to Queen Auphelia.

As head of the Cabinet, Prime Minister Erinor approaches first and proclaims

"I will be faithful and true to you, my dear Lady".

Each of the other cabinet officers approach and make the same homage.

The congregated masses raise in loud rapture,

"God save Queen Auphelia
Long live Queen Auphelia
May the Queen live for ever."

Queen Auphelia leads the celebrations into the dusky evening. When she tires of the celebration, Auphelia retires for the evening, leaving the castle wearing her Crown and bearing her Sceptre. As she leaves all the assembled sing glory to the Queen.

The Commonwealth of Beepee