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The Force Flyer Issue XXIX

Issue XXIX

A new Minister of Communications, an impeachment that almost was, Force's new prosecutor and judge, getting ready for the next big election and Roleplay Monthly - everything that you will find in this new and again late Force Flyer!

Your New Minister of Communications by Azerubia

Hi, my name is [REDACTED] also known as The Red Empire of Azerubia and Iím going to be your new Minister of Communications. From now on, I will be the one editing your Force Flyers and producing most of its articles. I arrived in Force recently but I already have some experiences due to an old nation so donít worry. I was once a journalist for my school for a long period of time and my native language is French but I learned English at the age of seven. I look forward to publishing the next Force Flyers and have a great day. Now letís go to the real news.

The Impeachment that almost was (and technically still might be) by Renegalle

This month, while impeachment was taking place in the United States, Force was experiencing its own impeachment debate.

On December 17, the Speaker of the House of Representatives presented articles of impeachment to be voted on. He charged that the incumbent Prime Minister, The Kingdom of Salibaic, ought to be removed from office for attempting to 'coerce House members into attending a meeting', failing to 'follow the Force constitution and punish individuals without a trial', 'the steady decline in Force population', and 'appointing citizens to the Cabinet who are not qualified or able to perform the duties of the office they were given'. The first two articles of impeachment concern something that had happened that same day - the Prime Minister, in trying to make people attend a meeting he deemed 'crucial', spoke of punishment for not attending without prior notice or not responding to his message: removal from the RP. Going back to the topic of impeachment, the Constitution stipulates conditions under which the Prime Minister can be removed from office: "...for failing to perform their responsibilities, serious misconduct, or in response to majority support among citizens for impeachment." Looking at existing evidence, the first condition and third condition could be ruled out. The Prime Minister never failed to perform their responsibilities and no polling had taken place to suggest that the citizens wanted impeachment. However, the second condition was met, at least according to some. The Speaker of the House, The Republic of Libertatis Regalis, argued that the Prime Minister had committed misconduct and thus impeachment could occur. The Founder, on the other hand, argued that although the vote for impeachment had to happen, if the result was in favor, the Prime Minister legally couldn't be removed because 'serious misconduct' had not occurred. His main argument to justify this was that although the PM did threaten to take action, he never actually followed through with it. Other arguments were brought forth, dictionary definitions were consulted, and still, neither could seem to agree. Finally, after much debate, the two agreed to a sort of compromise. The vote would be held, because according to House Law it had to be, but it would take place on the last day of the term. The Speaker also revealed that he had never intended to vote in favor of impeachment. Thus, in a few days, the impeachment vote will finally be held. Suggestions have already been made to prevent a similar situation from occurring in the future. Some say that the Constitution should be amended to more specifically define 'serious misconduct'. Others suggest that the ability to impeach the Prime Minister should lie with the citizens instead.

Whatever the result, it seems that a Constitutional crisis has been (albeit narrowly) avoided.

December's One Candidate Elections by Azerubia

This monthís elections were pretty straight to the point with only one candidate for each election and almost no one voting against our two candidates. The Federation of Marcelli and Farallaracks were going each for a different position, being the position of judge for Marcelli and prosecutor for Farallaracks. During the debate, Marcelli was disqualified for not answering the questions asked by our Founder under the required period of time leaving a hole for the position of judge. On December the 17th, Farallaracks was elected as the new prosecutor for Force with 8 votes against 1 with The United Workers Republics of Greatest Elysium being the only one voting against and I tried to contact him to know why but he didnít answer wich is in his right. On the 20th of December, another announcement was made for the position of judge and since Marcelli was the only one running for the position, he was given another chance and itís on New Yearís Eve that Marcelli won his election with no one going against him in a 7 to 0.


Seeking position

Votes for

Votes against







The Federation of Marcelli





January 2020 Force's Regional Elections by Azerubia

Itís now time fellow members of Force, for the first elections of 2020. Everyone in Force is encouraged to go vote for our new Prime Minister and our new Representatives. Here are your contestants for Prime Minister for this election: In the red corner, our former Prime Minister known as The Kingdom of Salibaic!!! And in the blue corner, our Roleplay Minister and columnist for Roleplay Monthly, The Glacieri of Alemputo!!! You can also abstain if you want. Finally, your House of Representatives candidates are Sumeka, The UN secretariat of United Nations of Colombia, Loomburg, The United Workers Republics of Greatest Elysium, The Republic of Libertatis Regalis, The Republic of Lotria, and Carropia. The votes are closing on the 11th of January and if you still didnít vote, you can go here: Link Prime Minister & House Elections and in the next Force Flyer I promise an article detailing everything that happened during this election.


Seeking position

The Kingdom of Salibaic

Prime Minister

The Glacieri of Alemputo

Prime Minister



The UN secretariat of United Nations of Colombia




The United Workers Republics of Greatest Elysium


The Republic of Libertatis Regalis


The Republic of Lotria




with Alemputo

Roleplay has been active once again this month. Since the last update The Glacieri of Alemputo took a two week break during finals so there was a slow period then. Afterward RP expanded significantly with the addition of 8 new nations to the map.

Alemputo appointed The Military State of Tigslarlowducken to be Deputy Roleplay Minister, then to Events Manager. After some controversial events, Tigslarlowducken was dropped and replaced with Sumeka on January 6th.

Sumeka has already proved to be a good Deputy Roleplay Minister passing many policies and recreating order, though this may not last long as elections are approaching and he is running for the House.

In Roleplay events, major alliances have shifted with a large nation coalition to defeat Tigslarlowducken which was deemed a warmonger. Large portions of his nation were annexed or left to anarchical rioting, which the UN plans to handle.

In other news, The United Workers Republics of Greatest Elysium, The Republic of Lotria, The State of Renegalle, Alemputo, Jam lung, Sumeka, The Kingdom of Salibaic, Divinia, Adlandia, Sgrub, and The Red Empire of Azerubia have all annexed land within the past month. However, there are still plenty of lands out there and the RP committee encourages new nations to join.

Editors Team for this Month

The Red Empire of Azerubia - Minister of Communications and Editor

The State of Renegalle - Founder and Editor

The Glacieri of Alemputo - Editor and Columnist for Roleplay Monthly

For more information, contact Azerubia through Discord (Elka Kjosev | Azerubia#4617)
or apply forLink Civil Services!





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