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Parliamentarian Proclaims Membership in "Sharkside Society Of Distrust"


The Diamonil Sortition Parliament's interminable frustration with having to tax the population well over the fraction of the economy dedicated to government has picked up a new voice today as a member of the Parliament has revealed themselves to have a faction affiliation previously unknown to the government of Polis Diamonil. The Sharkside Society of Distrust, a 'faction' which presently has exactly one known member, is ostensibly a union of people who are trying to teach "rational distrust" to the citizens of Polis Diamonil. The sharksider in parliament claims that the problem which has made Polis Diamonil interminably challenged in funding is not that the government is overly large, but that the government is despite ongoing study of the problem continually too trusting.

The Sharksider took the podium before the Diamonil Sortition Parliament to explain the relevance of "rational distrust" in this manner:
"We need to make people in Polis Diamonil look terrible. Anyone. Ourselves, our enemies, domestic representatives of other nations, domestic representatives of leading factions, anyone. Conveniences, inconveniences, heroes, villains, leaders, nobodies, anyone. Most especially however we need to make people with money and power look terrible, and I don't mean in some 'demonizing foreigners' sense. We need to exalt corruption and then crumble before its opposition, not because corruption makes people more willing to pay taxes, for indeed it does the opposite. We should find the balance because corruption, again, makes people look terrible! Having a small fraction of terribleness in the mixture of leadership we provide yields lessons on what kind of people in our society might support terrible things. Right now we come out here when the government calls us and we're all on our best behavior for as long as we're out here. I understand why it happens; many of us truly value goodness and beauty, and Polis Diamonil has been building up a remarkable history and a sense of itself as a nation. Yet we've given our much-loved Revenue Agents... a very safe enclosure, so to speak, and in our love for their work we have given them great difficulty honing in on anything in particular. There are people out there who have learned to be flawlessly of many minds as they accumulate their accounts. I understand that we value our etiquette greatly, and that it is one of the harder things to compromise, but it can be gravely difficult to find clarity amidst polite scoundrels. If we need so dearly to be polite, the permanent functioning of our government demands that we must find ways to give people clues as to the nature of polite evils without losing our soul as a nation."

Pressed for actual policy proposals, the Sharksider claimed, "You have to understand. Everything I propose in the name of the Sharkside Society of Distrust will be a bad policy. Every. Last. Thing. If any of it sounds good to you, then it is that which makes you feel like the victor by which you are becoming the target. I can actually propose a lot of things; a hundred decisions in our history could have been made differently, worse, to teach the people of Polis Diamonil the nature of evil. Yet if we had made all of them in such a way as to show the nature of evil, it would be only possible because we ourselves would be evil. So... I may retrieve from my fellow Sharksiders a list of alternative histories to present before this body, and we will have those to study, but the real work will be deciding upon which moments we choose to be less than our best selves. Be aware that going forward I will spend the rest of my time in this allotment persuasively presenting terrible policies. I and others like me will from now begin to do our best to persuasively imagine and present a voice of evil, and at some point, we will have to find moments to enter tolerable evils into policy where they can be seen. Please do not kill me."

In other news, Polis Diamonil has quietly begun to fall delinquent on its dues to international organizations...

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