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The Democratic Manifesto of Elena


During the initial stages of the stone age, woman, mother, was the dominant figure in the family and the society as whole. Basically, the matriarchy was a thing back then. Gradualy, the male ability to provide for both women and children made them the prevailing figure of the society via the automatic and unartificial principles of the nature. During the ancient times, the patriarchy was fully established. Women were seen as inferior but nobody saw it as a problem. In the later part of the 2nd millenium, people legislated the respect towards women, at least in the higher social classes. Communists in the 20th century put emphasis on the emancipation of women. Women could be seen doing jobs previously done only by men (e.g. working with heavy machinery, teaching in schools, fighting in the army etc.). In the modern times we strive for sex equality, we are progressing forward. The good old feminists did their job well during the 19th and 20th century. In the 21st century, the presence of the feminist movement seems to be further prolonged. However, this isn't the feminism we all know and love, this is female supremacism. Female supremacists are not progressive, they want to go back to the stone age matriarchy, the same way as male supremacist want to go back to the ancient patriarchy. The female supremacism is just another one of the dangerous totalitarian ideologies that prevent the overall progress of our society. Therefore The Honorable Eastern Tatar Company decided to intervene and bring democracy to Elena, ending the tyranny of sexist supremacism.
We establish

Equality of the sexes
We acknowledge that both men and women are conceived and born free and equal. No ruling regime has the power to legislate the inferiority of a particular group of people if doing so contradicts the actual reality. Men and women shall treat each other with respect and shall not act evil uppon each other based on the sexist policies of the previous female supremacist regime. From now onwards, men are allowed to do any job according to their will and competence and to both wote and candidate in the elections. Furthermore, we acknowledge that a man can not be convicted of a crime just because he is a man. The interrogation based on actual evidence, non-biased facts and logical reasoning shall be applied to the interrogation of men as well.

Freedom of religion
We abolish Elenaism as the official religion of Elena. This regiom shall no longer have an official religion. All nations are free to practice whatever faith they wish according to their free will. Furthermore, we abolish the death penalty for men who missed out on the hourly worship of Elena temnikova.

Freedom of thought
We acknowledge that the supression of one's freedom to think in a rational and non-biased way inhibits the progress of the whole society. Therefore we allow all men to have ambitious, forward-looking and inovative thoughts the same way as women during the female supremacist regime. No longer shall the male mind be oriented solely towards the sexist and regresive self degradation, self hatered, self segregation, and prioritising one sex before the other. This programmed way of thinking caused many aspiring men to entirely waste the enormous human potential by crawling, begging, and bowing before Elena temnikova. The same attitude caused many weak women to be overestimated based purely on their sex, resulting in them eventually holding great responsibilities that were beyond their competence. This led to an unwise and inefficient use of power, causing many things to stagnate or fail. We strive to get rid of this sexist separation by allowing everyone to think freely and to their full potential. This will enable us to give great power and responsibility to people of great competence who will safeguard this power without failure and use it wisely to benefit the whole society.

Freedom of speech
We acept the fact that no free thoughts can be spread throughout the whole society without the free speech. Therefore, we bring the freedom of speech to everyone in Elena, so that they can talk according to their free will without the fear of inadequately harsh punishment. No censorship shall be implemented, for the act of publicly releasing something offensive is not what actually causes the psychological damage. It is the act of receiving and accepting something offensive that makes people offended. Our goal is not to have people able to live only within a safespace but to have them able to live happily anywhere.

Freedom of act
No thoughts can be brought forward without words and no words can be transformed into reality without deeds. Therefore, we bring everyone the freedom of act in order to transform this totalitarian matriarchal cult into a free and progressive society. Without the freedom of act, we would not have been able to act against the old female supremacist regime and introduce democracy.

No cult of personality
Lastly, we abolish the very origin of suffering, sexism, regression, hatered, restrictions and injustice - the cult of personality of Elena temnikova. With accordance, we shall get rid of the old regional flag depicting Elena temnikova and find a suitable replacement. Changes shall be made to the regional WFE as well.
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Author/WA delegate of Elena
Mohammet Babrakaman

Vice Founder
Keshen Sagdivan Burkan


Temple of elena temnikova

Director of HETC
The honorable Eastern Tatar company

Eastern Tatarstan

Supreme chairman

Signed on 2nd January 2020