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Featured nation January 2020: one big happy Eurth community

The Community of


"Quid infantes sumus?
Semper ubi sub ubi"

National Animal: vertibird

Currency: Variot bribe

🏆 To kick off 2020 we're dropping NOTM and aiming higher: a feature region! Because this January we'll celebrate our 16th birthday since the founding on NationStates. Yes: it's really been that long ago. We grew from an innocent and naive toddler into an annoying teenager hitting the end of puberty and wanting to borrow the car. So let's just feature everyone here as one big happy community.

🎉 To further celebrate this coming-of-age we invite you to our amazing and totally free reunion party, lasting a whole month of January. And yes: there will be an open bar. So were you a regular member that fell prey to the clutches of real-life business? Or did you join us only briefly a long time ago? You're very welcome to drop by and say hi to some old friends. Because moments like this don't come around every day. (Only once every year.)

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 The Region of Eurth is a massive, socially clumsy community, notable for its absence of moral laws and spontaneously combusting puppets. The laid-back, apathetic population of 100-ish players live in a state of perpetual fear, as a complete breakdown of social order has led to the rise of order through biker gangs. The strong Eurth community, in existence for 16 years, is led by an obscure delegate who's been meaning to retire for over a decade now, with major contributions from among the northern and southern hemispheres.

🚓 The tiny, busybody, non-agreeing, outspoken moderators prioritize Memes, with Newsposts, Vexillology, and Administration also on the agenda, while Interregional diplomacy and World Assembly are ignored. Trolls, especially young ones, have become a very minor problem, thanks to the all-pervasive mod/mentor force and progressive policies in banning and blocking.

🍪 Citizens pay a flat income tax of 1 cookie. Eurth's community pe(s)t is Linkthe vertibird, which can occasionally be seen dodging aircraft in the region's cities.

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