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Ministry of Tourism of Montevento


  • What documentation do I need to travel to Montevento?

Most foreign visitors do not need to submit special paperwork to immigration. Only a current passport or travel document is necessary. Said document or passport must be valid for at least three months following the projected exit from the territory of Montevento, and must have been issued within the last ten years. For citizens of countries bordering Montevento only an identification card is needed. Minors traveling alone need to be sure to check the emigration policy on age for the country of origin, which generally requires written consent from parents. In all cases it is recommended to consult a diplomatic representative in any Monteventani embassy or consulate abroad.

In case you are a citizen of one of the few countries that needs a Visa to enter the territory of Montevento (please consult at the nearest embassy or consulate, or call the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Montevento), you must apply for it prior to entering Montevento. The process is simple and quick, and can be started online at any time on the websites of Immigration, Ministry of Tourism or Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as in person in an Embassy or Consulate of Montevento. The procedure has a minimum cost of ƒ50 Monteventani Florins, up to a maximum of ƒ250 Monteventani Florins depending on the country of origin.

Any person who meets the requirements detailed above has the right to remain in Montevento for a total of 35 days without performing any additional paperwork. It is totally forbidden to carry out any activity related to work under these conditions. If you want to get permission to work in Montevento, consult with Immigration or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

  • Do I need vaccines to enter to the country?

The sanitary conditions are very good in Montevento. There are no epidemics and therefore there are no necessary vaccines to enter the country. Nonetheless you must be up to date on routine vaccinations while traveling to any destination inside the Monteventani territories. If you are traveling to the rainforest areas of Montevento (In the provinces of Riserva Naturale Nuova Italia, Essequibo or Terra Nuova), vaccination against Malaria is recomended.

  • How do I bring my pet into Montevento?

In order to enter with dogs and cats, you should solicit a request for a health certificate from the Ministry of Livestock (or equivalent) in the country of origin. The certificate must state the health condition of the animal and rabies vaccine. You must present the animal as well as the legal sanitation certificate in the Office of Animal Health Control at the Ministry of Agriculture in order to enter Monteventani territory.

  • Can I enter with a vehicle into Montevento?

Entrance is permitted with vehicles that can be introduced temporarily: Cars, motorcycles, motorized bikes, motor homes, trailers, yachts and other recreational sports vehicles as well as vehicles that are used solely and exclusively by tourists. The vehicles must be driven personally by the owner, a duly authorized user or by their spouse or relative of up to the 2nd degree of consanguinity or affinity. The vehicle may be driven by a professional chauffer if they can prove their accreditation with sufficient evidence to the customs authorities.


By Plane

The international airports of the country are served by the major airlines of the world, with flights from all around the world to San Giovanni. The main and largest airport of Montevento is the Spalla International Airport, named in honor of Mauro Spalla, a very important and influential Doge of Montevento, who served the nation for 24 years. The airport was built in 2007 and has the capacity to handle 3 million passengers a year.

The airport has a large parking area built for over 1200 vehicles. This terminal building has four jetways, separate floors for arrivals and departures and a large viewing area on the top floor. It has been cited as one of the most efficient and traveler-friendly airports in South America and the world.

The airport is located 19 km (12 mi) from downtown San Giovanni. The airport is served by public transit and a private taxi service which connect to all of the capital cities of the Provinces of Montevento (San Giovanni, Nuova Firenze, Thorntoria, Cosimia and Villa Pioviosa), allowing to reach one's final destination with a certain ease. The trip time to San Giovanni by car is 30–45 minutes, while by bus it is 1 hour and 15 minutes. The cost of the trip depends on the destination point and is arranged in the airport or booked online.

Local flights can also be booked from Spalla International Airport to several cities in Montevento. These services are provided by Vento, a low-cost state-owned airline that operates throughout the territory of Montevento. Due to the great regularity and quality of the service, this way of knowing Montevento can be very good for those with limited time.

By Boat

For sea lovers, it is possible to reach Montevento by ship. There are many national and international passenger ship and ferry companies that link the main ports of the Caribbean with Montevento. Numerous cruises that depart from different parts of the world include Montevento as one of their destinations. Most of them arrive at the Port of San Giovanni, but some also usually go towards the Port of Nuova Firenze. Due to the proximity of Montevento with the main tourist destinations in the Caribbean, many times several cruises make stops in San Giovanni before continuing to their destinations.

Transport across rivers is essential in Montevento to be able to access the most internal areas of the country, where the dense jungle prevents land connections from being easily established. Most of the tourist destinations in the Jungle of the Riserva Naturale Nuova Italia require a boat trip to reach them.

These services are provided by a wide range of small businesses, which can be hired in several ports on the main rivers of the country for a very low cost. Many times these companies also offer discounts of between 25% and 50% on tourist tickets. The State of Montevento owns Fiuma, the main provider of these services. Trips with Fiuma are always accompanied by the best service on board, along with tourist guides that will provide you with all kinds of interesting data while travelling through the country's rivers.

Internal Transport

In addition to the ways already mentioned above, travelling inside Montevento is very easy. The public bus service is very comfortable and optimal for tourists with a low budget, being able to check the routes and schedules through the Andiamo! application available to download for free in most mobile devices. These coaches offer all the services and facilities necessary for an excellent journey, and of course offer services to and from the major cities such as San Giovanni, Nuova Firenze and Alcadell.

Montevento is also the ideal place for motorbike and bike tours, and in the summer, the country’s roads fill up with bikers, attracted by the breathtaking scenery offered by coastal stretches, rolling hills and tree-lined roads. A wide array of routes are offered by both public and private organisations for motorcyclists to explore the country from north to south, from the sea to the mountains. An extensive network of bicycles for rent is also available in most of the big cities of Montevento. All ferries and ships from Fiuma carry bicycles free of charge.

It is very simple to rent a car or a motorbike, but it is best to check in advance which are the requirements of the different agencies. Age generally must be 20 or over, but some agencies allow younger people to rent a vehicle. A credit card is generally necessary, plus a driving licence issued by a state recognised by Montevento.


Please select one of the following Provinces:

Costa Grande

Fiume D'oro

Terra Nuova


Riserva Naturale
Nuova Italia



Montevento is an excellent place to explore and reconnect with nature. The country offers an endless number of natural places to visit, among which its lush green forests, pristine rivers, majestic lakes, and wonderful waterfalls stand out. The enormous biodiversity that characterises these territories will leave you surprised, being able to find from the smallest and friendliest animals, such as the Agoutis to the largest and fiercest like jaguars and pumas, without forgetting an uncountable quantity of birds of infinity of colours and sizes.

Your trip to Montevento can be an adventure, travelling by canoe through the internal rivers of the jungle, climbing hills, walking trails and roads and discovering new places and learning about the peculiar local culture of the areas furthest from the big urban cities.

Montevento also offers a unique experience for those who wish to make another type of not-so-conventional tourism, economically and with little spending. The Republic is considered one of the best places in the world to hitchhike due to the enormous hospitality of the citizens of Montevento, who are always more than happy to give you a hand offering quick transportation and even a place to sleep and try some of the most traditional Monteventani dishes.

It is also possible to find numerous places to camp alone, with friends or with family, enjoying a good bonfire and a wonderful clear night. The numerous national parks are the perfect place for this type of activities, being continuously cared for to offer you one of the best natural experiences of your life.


Not everything in Montevento is adventure and nature, as the country has a rich and deep history originating from its roots as the only Italian colony in South America, developing a typically European culture but with unique and incomparable characteristics with the rest of the world.

Tourists can explore and discover the private residences of ancient and noble colonial families as well as those of great personalities during the colonial era, from the Casona Thorntorn, which was the personal residence of Robert Thorntorn, who led the Italian expeditions to Montevento to the grand Palazzo Ducale, built in the 1700s as the summer residence of the Grand Dukes of Tuscany; visit world famous museums and explore impressive archaeological sites to immerse themselves in an exciting, grandiose past.

The city of Thorntoria, one of the first cities of Montevento, will teleport you directly to the colonial era, showing you the typical architecture of the time, the same cobblestone streets that were travelled by the first settlers and an endless number of other curiosities, such as the city walls that still remain standing, the old port and the fort on the outskirts of the city, where the army of the colony carried out its activities.


The country's wonderful beaches are always ready to be visited. With a warm climate during most of the year, Montevento is the ideal place for a beach getaway to relax and forget about the routine for a weekend, staying in one of the numerous and cozy coastal cities of the country or in the luxurious hotels of the largest cities.

Outdoor cultural and musical events are held daily in most of the country's parks and beaches, offering a huge variety of different activities ranging from concerts of rock, classical and electronic music to free classes of yoga, gymnastics and other sports. A host of games for kids are also offered, including scavenger hunts through the streets of vacation resorts and other inclusive activities.

Montevento is an ideal place for a sports-related vacation beyond compare! The Republic is the perfect background for golf, cycling and cycle excursion, rafting, mountain biking, hiking, horseback riding along amazing bridle paths and many other outdoor sports.

Throughout the country, from north to south, it is possible for visitors to experience a unique vacation centred on general well-being at our numerous natural thermal springs. These places are renowned for their therapeutic properties and for their excellent aesthetic treatments.


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