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About My Politics

For/support: Constitutional Republicanism, Abortion rights(including up to the 9th month, but no government funds should pay for abortion), Gun Rights(No background checks and no gun registry), Free speech, a ((minimally regulated)) free market economy, Free Trade, Religious liberty, Obamacare(it is better than what we had before and better than socialized medicine), Capitalism, Free Speech, Flat Tax, Legal Immigration, LGBT Rights, Marijuana legalization, Limited Government, gentrification, a strong military, A strong border, patriotism, Civic Nationalism, United States, UK, Germany, Canada, South Korea

Against*: Fascism, Socialism, Communism, Anarchism(of all schools), Alt-right, Alt-lite, Antifa, absolute monarchy, ALL forms of gun control, Racism(this includes racism against white people), puritanism, religious fundamentalism, theocracy, homophobia, misogyny, misandry, most of Modern Feminism, nearly all of the Men’s rights movement, Incels, High Taxes, illegal immigration, overtly restrictive immigration, open borders, “weaponized autism”, big government, autarky, Tariffs, regulation of social media, anti-Americanism, isolationism, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Iran, North Korea

*I may be against certain ideals and ideologies, but I support the right who hold those views to express them.

New paine