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URA: Guidebook

United Regions Alliance

A guide for regions and their members who are considering to join the United Regions Alliance—a guidebook on it’s purpose, it’s activities, where and how they’re conducted.
PART 1 Our Purpose & Fulfilling
What do we want to achieve with the help of this alliance? How do we achieve it?

1 Purpose

This Alliance was created with the hope and goal of giving nations in any type of region a say in World Assembly (WA) resolutions, as well as giving them guidance—through the opinions of other nations—to pass their own created resolutions in the WA.

2 “What Happens?”

There are discussions open to all to express their opinion on the WA proposal given for vote. Discussion would last for fourth eight hours before voting members will be requested to vote for, against, or abstain. Depending on whether the resolution is for the General Assembly (GA), or the Security Council (SC), the discussion and voting will be held in the #wa-general-assembly/#wa-security-council and #wa-voting-general-assembly and #wa-voting-security-council discord channels in the ‘World Assembly’ category, respectively.

PART 2 Membership, Your Part
How to join, and what you, as a member, are expected to do, as well as crucial information on it.

3 Requirements for Membership

Regions that wish to join must have a World Assembly Delegate, which can—through request—approve resolutions brought up by other alliance nation members, therefore showing their wholehearted support. Upon attaining membership, regions must choose a voting member that will represent their region’s choice in a resolution for the WA, or for the alliance.

4 Your Fair Share

Everybody in the alliance can have their fair and willing share in the building up and discussions. As we have learnt, a voting member votes for, against, or abstain on a resolution—for the WA, or for the alliance—on their region’s behalf. What other roles are there?

An Ambassador position is given to a nation of a member region who wishes to take a look at discussions.

A Consultant position is given to a nation who has expressed their interest for helping out in the alliance. They are welcomed to give their own suggestions and advice on anything on the debate table, though they do not have any voting power.

5 Going Higher

If you want to take on higher roles, gain more influence and power, supervising the work of the alliance, you can run for office in an election. Roles such as, President and Vice-President. Or, you can apply for a role in a council.

PART 3 The Respective Councils
The appropriate channels to discuss different alliance-specific matters, and how to join in.

6 The Civil Council

This council is made up of all discord users of member regions. Any one can bring up a proposal to amend the alliance’s policies and legislation through a written resolution. After which, a discussion will be called by the alliance Founder or President. Once changes are made to the brought up resolution, a vote lasting for [at most,] five days will be held on the resolution. Voting members can vote for, against, or abstain from the vote. The discussion and voting happens in the #alliance-governing-council-discussion and #alliance-governing-board-voting-channel discord channels.

It is noteworthy to know that each region’s voting member represents a number of votes for their region, depending on the population of WA nations in that region. This can be learnt more in the World Assembly Voter Act of 2019 and Amount of Voting Members for Each Region pages.

7 The Security Council

This council is made up of the Head of Enforcement and Enforcers, under the guidance of the alliance’s President and the Founder. The Security Council focuses on maintaining the peace and loyalty to the law of all members and users in the alliance.

8 The Recruiter’s Council

This council is made up of the Head of Recruitment and Recruiters, under the guidance of the alliance’s President and the Founder. The Recruiter’s Council focuses on the recruitment and consideration of which regions are allowed to join.

9 The Electoral Council

This council is made up of the Head of Elections and it’s members, under the guidance of the alliance’s President and the Founder. The Electoral Council focuses on the organising of elections, debates, and the counting of votes. Government positions and their descriptions can be found in the alliance’s Article of Formation.

10 The Liberation Council

This council is made up of the Head of Liberation and Liberators, under the guidance of the alliance’s President and the Founder. The Liberation Council focuses on the freeing member regions from their raiders and invaders.

PART 4 Recreational Activities
Recreational activities for all users of member regions to take part in, to supplement their work in the alliance.

11 Roleplays

In the #wa-interregional-rp-area and #wa-roleplay-discussion-area channels, ambassadors of member regions can take part in roleplays created by other member nations. This is meant to compensate for the work load given in alliance matters.

PART 5 For You
What the alliance can do specifically for your region—advertisements for specific activities in your region.

12 “For You, by Yours Truly.”

If you need to advertise an event, a need, be it regional or interregional, you can always request the President, or Founder, to bring up the event and ask for volunteers through the #regional-needs channel.

Would you welcome more information?
Visit the following sites.

Master Dispatch | Overview of the URA | Articles of Formation | Amount of Voting Members for Each Region | LinkNSWiki—URA

or contact the Founder, Ellenburg directly.