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About me!

Hi. You can call me Paine. I thought I will include a little information about myself

Personal/non-political information

Name: Paine


Sex: Male

Religion: None!

Location: Midwest, USA(that is all you’re getting out of me!)

Sexual Orientation: ((really)) gay

Likes: Video Games, Books, Spending time with family and close friends, Yaoi, Having productive conversations with people I disagree with, day dreaming, binge watching my favorite TV shows, BEER!, HARD CIDER!, Fast Food, Mexican food, Chinese food, Fried Chicken, Pork Chops, Medium rare steak, Hot sauce, Pepsi, Potato Chips, Club Sandwiches, Blackjack, sleeping

Dislikes: Assholes, rude people, bigoted people, non-skippable Youtube ads

New paine