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TRR Jousting Submission - A Unicorn in a Wardrobe

A Unicorn in the Wardrobe

Height: 280cm
Horn Length: 2m
Top Speed: 57 km/h

Fun Facts:
Due to the wardrobe formerly being inhabited by Voldemort, it may occasionally start floating, rendering the unicorn useless.
When jousting, the rider sits inside the wardrobe, which is strapped onto the Unicorn's back.

The Unicorn, merely name "Unicorn Wardrobious", was first seen roaming a furniture store one day. It is a mysterious bread of Unicorn, with very little being known about the species except for the fact that they appear to really like Wardrobes, hence the species name, "Unicorn Wardrobei." No one knows when they originated, with ancient texts describing them in the tombs of Egyptian Pharaohs, where they guarded the graves of old rulers.

A unicorn in a wardrobe