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The Silver Steed

[align=center][size=300][b][color=purple]The Silver Steed[/color][/b][/size][/align]

This majestic unicorn is none other than The Silver Steed, famed, former companion of Rejectmas' death-like spirit: The Silver Ghost. One day while the two were out doing their regular ritual of hauling off senior citizens to retirement communities, one group of rambunctious kids who wouldn't let their grandfather be taken, set up a trap and ambushed the duo. Their grandfather, safely hid away, the kids were able to separate the Ghost and its steed. While The Silver Ghost was able to escape the kids, however, The Silver Steed was captured. Not without a fight, though. One unfortunate, handsome, and extremely intelligent boy named Jack had his eye poked out by The Silver Steed's horn - thus earning him the moniker "Deadeye". Over the years though, the boy looked after the unicorn and tamed him for his own use. A strong bond forged, the two became nigh unstoppable in the lists.

[b][u][size=150]Unicorn Stats[/size][/u][/b]

Jousting Record - 20-1-1
Horn Reach - 5 feet
Top speed - 60 Miles per Hour
Date of Birth - December 26th, Year 1