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Rudolphon the Reindragon

Rudolphon the Reindragon

Officially sponsored by Magus L, the ruler of The Church of Satan, Rudolphon lays siege to any challenge that stands before it. Nothing guides Santa's sleigh (or breathes pure Christmas cheer from its mouth) better than him. You're probably thinking he isn't even a unicorn. Dismiss those clearly incorrect thoughts though. Rudolphon is a proud, albeit unique unicorn. His strength, speed, ferocity and maneuverability make him a difficult opponent despite this being his first participation in the tournament. We expect Rudolphon to be the undisputed, universal jousting champion for all time. At the very least an eternal participant due to being sustained by Christmas cheer.

With Duke Christmas Goodknight and Rudolphon riding steed (as it were) into battle, they are a stocking stuffed with victory!

Career Record:

Rejectmas Festival Unicorn Jousting Tournament 2019 Champion

Wins: 3
Losses: 0