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Rejectmas Flag Guild - Rejectmas Festival 2019

Over LinkRejectmas Festival 2019, Rejected flagmakers are gathering to help REJECTMASIFY your nations' flags!

All you have to do is telegram your request to Culture Officer Glacikaldr and one of the hairy flagmakers will try to take on your request.

Rejected Flagmakers:

So far, here is the list of nations with flagmakers willing and able to support this Rejectmas Guild and activity:

If you would like to join this guild, please contact Glacikaldr via telegram as well.


You may request for your nations' flags to be recoloured in the Rejectmas "colours" of black, silver, indigo and dramoon (orange), as outlined per LinkThe Rejectmas Manual.

Further, requests may include anything related to the Rejectmas Checklist:

The difficulty of the request and the original flag will almost definitely impact the quality of the final result. Anything far too convoluted may not have any Rejected flagmaker willing to take up the case. Some cases may require outside expertise.