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My Quota of Quotes’ Quotum

My Quota of Quotes’ Quotum

THIS FACTBOOK IS ABOUT quotes I made up to remind myself of the importance of remaining decent, or how I want to see myself as—though, not applicable if you want to have some differing attitude (you’re always right to be your own self).


“Don’t fight with hands, don’t fight with words, fight with character.”

“The hardest to turn over are not minds, but attitudes.”

“Let others know not who you are, but what you are.”

“Intelligence will help us find out a way, but attitude is what helps us go that way.”


“The one who lets emotions blind facts and reasoning is unfit for speaking truth.”

“We like to make bold statements but we never were bold to move ahead.”

“If you resort to degrading to get your point across, then your point is worthless.”

“Don’t congratulate people for proving others wrong, congratulate people for helping others understand.”


“Courage does not have to mean being fearless. It can also mean taking action even when you’re fearful.”

“To fall is human. To get up is courageous.”


“Live up to the name you’ve been given. Do the work you do. Mind your own business.”


“Remembering the past is like a punch in your face. So look up, boldly take your firm stand so you may deflect more punches.”

“I’d hate to see you fall down, but I’d love to see you get up.”


“Wherever you come from, come with a kind heart.”

“When you feel down, push others up, then you will feel like you’re going up too.”


“It takes words to say loyalty, but it takes character to prove it.”

“We find hate because we love to hate. We find love because we love to love. Anything in between is being unfaithful.”


”Being optimistic is not being unprepared; it is being happy, lifting your head up, braving for what’s to come.”


“Success comes from a pure and patient heart.”


”Let the one who has a cause for complaint take action.”

“You’re much more perfect with your imperfections.”

“Accidents may happen, so improvise!”

“Dream, but act.”

“Stop speaking of hope when you have not done your part.”

”You want to believe? Make it believable.”

”Our words make us, but our actions define us.”

”There will be hard times in life. It’s up to you to make the best out of them.”


“It’s not about being wise. It’s about being sincere.”

“Battling for what’s true ends, not in humiliation, but in dignity.”

“The best gift is not the one that makes the best impression, but the one that makes the best expression.”