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LC Interview with MoRA Agalaesia

The Local Council is bringing it this term.... that's right we have a full agenda of awesomeness for you. As one of the many things we're doing, weíre brining you news from our Cabinet (it is mahogany) and reminding you all that theyíre awesome.

Today, we are having a sit down interview with Agalaesia, our most fantastical Minister of Regional Affairs (MoRA). The Ministry of Regional Affairs is involved in running cultural events, news and media, integration, roleplay for the region.

Hello, Aggie, how are you?

Iím alive, thank you.

Youíre very welcome. So, how have you enjoyed being MoRA so far?

I love it. It's been truly brilliant.

Thatís great! Iím so pleased to hear that... being MoRA is a lot of work but also a lot of fun! You had a really ambitious programme when you campaigned to become MoRA, how is it all coming along.

Currently, I'm still working towards achieving those goals. All I will say is that it's been a long journey to get to the point where we are now. My biggest regrets have to be the lack of activity and fellows, as well as the lack of MoRA gameside involvement (which will be solved when the Gameside revolution throws us out with fire and pitchforks).

Donít tempt me! Do you have anything youíre particularly consider a success in your time?

Successes, I can't really talk about yet, 'cos I'll be yelled at, but, allow me to tell you, January will be fun.

You heard it here first people! Something amazing is coming..... Youíve done a great job so far. Do you think youíll run again, or do you have any plans on another role.

I haven't yet decided, and to be frank, I don't know whether I would be nominated again. Although my term hasn't been a disaster, it hasn't been a success either.

So modest! Being MoRA is more than just about having fun, you are also a member of the Cabinet. How have you found that?

Working in the cabinet has been interesting. I, personally, don't enjoy elements of it, including making decisions about FA statements, because I am clueless about FA.

Itís a black art, Iím pretty sure! I donít think anyone begrudges you that. The Cabinet hasnít been without its drama this term... poor Amerion resigned last week. How did you feel when that happened?

I wasn't too happy. Amerion is a good leader, and knew how to keep the cabinet active. We are all gutted to see him go, however, he is replaced by a competent replacement, who I'm sure can continue with the job.

Speaking of his replacement... how good is Erinor!

Erinor is Amazing!!

Isnít he though! Back to being MoRA, whatís the one thing you didnít expect about your job?

I didn't know what to expect! I knew what I had to do, and how to do it, but, I think it's all been rather surprising.

Thereís recent Assembly discussion about splitting MoRA into potentially two organisations, what are your thoughts on that, how does that make you feel?

Well, I understand the need for it, and I would support Aumeltopia's proposals made earlier on. It depends on the type of split, and how it's made, but I think that we should look into changing things for the short term, before we make very large and sweeping reforms.

People reading this, may well be interested in joining the Ministry... how would they go about that.

Well, you should apply! Join the MoRA server and apply! After that, you will be assigned someone who can answer any questions you have, a mentor, of sorts. If you have any questions, contact the minister. This doesn't just go for MoRA, but for the other ministries too!

Join MoRA on Discord!

LinkMoRA Discord

I agree everyone should join the Assembly and at least one Ministry! Ok so weíve spent some time talking about your NS role as MoRA... how about we get down to brass tacks and find out a bit more about you.

MoRA, MoRA, in the hall! Who us the fairest LC of them All.

The TSP Local Council

Iíll go get my poison apple for you later. If you could be one other TSPer and why?

I don't know. Probably someone like Erinor, because he's awesome, or someone who knows everything, like Roavin, United Federated States of Omega, Glen-Rhodes or Concrete Slab.

Who is your favourite celebrity?

I hate humans. They're disgusting. I prefer Grumpy Cat, but it's been buried in an expensive cat burial. Does that count?

Yes, totally! Rest in peace Grumpy Cat. 😭

What is your favourite SPIT flavour?

Peach and llama.

Oooh fruity peach and musky Llama.... not a combination we often see, but good choice.

Finally, the all important final question. Pie or cake?

Cake or Death!

Down with the pieletariat!

Thank you Aggie for taking the time to talk with us today. Long may you prosper, and we look forward to that special surprise in January.

Your Local Council, Beepee, Concrete Slab and Zess continue to provide you with bottom quality items at top drawer prices!

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