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LKE Delegate Office - Contact me - my WA votes - previous Delegates

The Sovereign Delegacy Realm of Nulkia is the nation holding the World Assembly Delegate position in The Land of Kings and Emperors (LKE) since my appointment by then Emperor Onder Kelkia as interim WAD on 2nd October 2018. I was thereafter elected by the LKE Citizenry on 13th December 2018, which confirmed me in this office.

To contact me:

-telegram to Nulkia
-Discord message to Julio of Nulkia-Sova#7700
-private message to Julio Von Arcadia-Sova on the LKE off-site forum (

The Delegate in the LKE is only the representative of HSM's will to the WA, and has no authority to decide instead of the Emperor nor of his Prime Minister.
To contact them, you can join the LKE Discord server and ping @Emperor or @Prime Minister:

WA Delegate Office
The Rt. Hon. the Lord Haifa, Sir Julio Von Arcadia-Sova KOO MSE COAy COAt COS COF CDSE EC FIS