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Armory of the Imperial Infantry


Trenchman Rifle
The Trenchman Kinrifle is the most widespread rifle in the Empire. It is commonly used among the average infantry regiments of the Empire. It is reliable and exists thousands of variations. For the number of infantry regiments out there, not all could possess the powers of a laser or plasma weapon, so the Kinrifle only fire a sort of APHE round. The bullet penetrates the target and once it does, it creates an internal minuscule explosion. It works like an assault rifle, possessing two firing modes: Semi-auto and Auto. As for ammuntion size, it is 7.6240.

Heavy Kinrifle
The Heavy Kinrifle is the larger cousin of the Trenchman. It's ammunition works like Trenchman but it fires a 12.799mm or better known as a .50 cal. This is commonly used by the Stormtroopers as their second weapon of choice and as an LMG by regular infantry. It's only firing mode is automatic.

Inferno Gun
A self-explanatory name aside, the Inferno Gun is a flamethrower used by Imperial firestarters. There is nothing much to it aside from it's two firing modes, semi-automatic and automatic which is weird for a flamethrower to have semi-auto fire.

Arch Wargun
The Arch Wargun is a massive gun that fires a .79 caliber ammuntion that works the same way as Trenchman Kinrifle ammunition. It's solely used by the Stormtroopers as their primary weapon of choice and as an LMG by regular infantry. The gun's two firing modes are just semi-automatic and automatic.

Patter IV.1 LG
The Pattern IV.1 Laser Gun is a bolt action rifle which shoots laser beams able to penetrate layers of Kevlar body armor. It's design is bulky and black and in addition, can
fit numerous attachments such as a sniper rifle, a bayonet or a grenade launcher.


Gothic Dagger
A common dagger that can cut through flesh and bone, all it requires is someone who can use it against the foes of the Empire.


Soterian Shields are energy shields employed as protection for ships, walkers, ground vehicles and individual soldiers. These shields are not just used by the Empire, but by other nations of he galaxy under different Monikers, making this shield the most common in the galaxy. These energy shields do come in different types...
Kinetic Shields are for blocking physical objects.
Enchanted Shields are for blocking magic attacks
Plasma Shields are for blocking plasma, lasers or heat attacks

One of the most unconventional yet fascinating forms of protection offered to the Empire by a primitive magical race known as the 'Agatars', Plastigell shields block attacks with it's hot and jellylike exterior. Physical shots would get caught in the shield like a web and then melt inside, sometimes even exploding or crackling. For plasma shots or laser that impact the shield, it merges with the heat of the shield jelly to make it hotter. Plastigell Shields despite coming from a magical species, do not have other magical enchantments other than the one that helps deploy and maintain it's form. This relatively new shield technology has a weakness though, and that is arctic-level temperatures which deteriorate the shield's effectiveness overtime until it becomes brittle like a twig.
So far, Imperial ground forces such as the Imperial Titans utilize this form of protection coupled with Soterian Shields to further combat effectiveness.