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Things I've Absolutely No Time Nor Patience For

1. Neo-Confederate "Rebel Pride" Southern Nationalists, Sympathizers, or Apologists spewing the same tired, factually incorrect, thoroughly un-American drivel about how the South seceded because of "State's Rights" and not because all the rich landowners were about to lose their unpaid workforce and that even if this was the case it somehow justifies treason and the murder of one's own countrymen because I guess human lives, the concept of loyalty, and the Constitution just don't matter as much as the "rights" of a political entity.

2. Chicom Sympathizers/Apologists who like to turn a blind eye to/try to justify the repugnant abuses of a 71 year old Reign of Terror committed by an increasingly psychotic and bloodthirsty cabal of snakes who value money and unquestionable obedience over culture, the environment, and human life. Beijing is literally committing genocide right now. You should be ashamed of yourselves, really.

3. Conspiracy theorists of any kind including but not limited to: Holocaust Deniers, Pro-Diseasers (commonly and incorrectly referred to as "Anti-Vaxxers"), 9/11 "Truthers", Moon Landing Hoaxers, Climate Change Deniers, Flat Earthers, etc. Worthy mentions: chemtrails, lizardmen, tinfoil hats, Jewish bankers, Zionism, that thing about fluoride, Roswell, the Knights Templar, the Illuminati, Denver International Airport, and many other nutjob fringe-lunatic madness that I can't help but roll my eyes at upon hearing about.

4. Trump Supporters. He is literally indefensible and always has been. The man is actually ruining my country and getting my people killed. This is not a joke. This is not a game. This is a man who is quite literally taking all our problems and making them infinitely worse. The man needs to GTFO of the White House ASAP.

5. Bigots of any kind. From Third Wave "Feminists" who unironically believe in the "Patriarchy" to those "Identitarian" fruit-loops that think being White makes them superior to everyone else. Racists, sexists, and even those neo-crusader wannabes out there chanting "DEUS VULT" unironically and advocating for holy war can all rot for all I care. Honestly I don't care what kind of hate your preaching; I don't want to hear it.

6. Historical revisionists. Call me a geek, but my love for history is such that the actual thought of people trying to revise documented historical facts by dismissing evidence in favor of whatever half-assed politically-motivated """"theory"""" that doesn't have a leg to stand on straight up makes my blood boil. The history of the human race should be 100% truthful at all times and I cannot condone, tolerate, or respect anyone who commits the sin of historical revisionism. Honestly you should be ashamed of yourself.