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Project Conurbatus

Notice from the Ministry of the Interior

Viewing of this document is restricted to personnel with clearance
corresponding to or surpassing the following levels:


Unauthorized viewing will be logged, filed, and responded to using immediate
disciplinary action, irrespective of existing judicial systems or the Ministry Council.

Credentials Accepted, Access Logged

Project Conurbatus

Ab urbe, ad aeternum

Stated Aims:

  • To evaluate growing trends in urban habitation, and correlate them to the projected capacity of Yeglan population centers

  • To infer potential crisis states in relation to housing shortages and overpopulation metrics

  • To develop a functional, indefinitely-effective solution to such crises via the application of cross-departmental technological advancements


Introductory Statement:

We've done it. After all this time, we've finally pulled it off. There is no more need for territorial expansion. No more need to construct, to enlarge our cities. To dig more tunnels, erect more skyscrapers. To deface the natural vistas of our lands any further. We may grow, as a nation, without growing our borders, for borders themselves will become meaningless. The multiverse, the world-hopping, that was all buildup. Discoveries to be utilized as stepping-stones, struts of a framework which allows for this. Cities unending. Worlds upon worlds of habitable space, replicated for as long as we require them to be. And that's just the beginning. Surely, one realizes the potential applications of such wondrous mechanisms. Replicant armies. Weapons that tear the very fabric from which our enemies' reality is built asunder. Unlimited clean energy, drawn from worlds purpose-built for it. In our scientific timeline, thaumaturgy was monumental. Compared to this? It'll be reduced to a footnote. Now, ladies and gentlemen - all that remains... is to seize this opportunity. Build upon it. We will step forwards, and grasp this golden moment. Consolidate it into something grandiose, something that will forever cement our nation within the annals of history. And within the halls of the truly great.
-Dr Fedor Arshnievskiy, Minister of Science