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The tale of a man named Boris

Boris Karlof was born in a Saxlan village the oldest of three children. When he was 1 year old he strangled a cobra to death when it tried to bite his mother. When he was 5 he beat the strongest man in his village in a arm wrestling match while suffering a 103 degree fever. When he was 11 he had the affection of all the girls of in the village but desired none if them as no women was worthy of him. When he was 13 he joined the Saxlanian army and gained his 5 kills after throwing a enemy grenade back at the enemy. By 15 he became the first minor to become a lieutenant after single handedly storming a enemy base. By 17 he was the second in command of the eastern Saxlanian army where he lead a daring and successful campaign on the separatist in the Bej province.
Despite his victories he was passed for promotion in favor of the rich baron Scift Gregory of the Oddesa province son of the General of all Saxlanian troops Direki Gregory. Scift was a spoiled brat with no combat experience who used his position to manipulate the populace to get what he wanted. By age 19, Boris was fed up with the corrupt nature of the army of Saxlan and meet with the leader of the separatists Georvia Heitler a poor woman infuriated with the tyrannical rule of the governor of the Bej province (I don't have any more ethic sounding names bite me). Boris met Georvia in secret planing something to help the Separatist cause while he posed as the ideal Saxlanian patriot. After months of planning came up with a plan to kill the General of the eastern Saxlanian army Makorav Zienzi, and to get Scift to give up his position in the army putting Boris as the unopposed leader of the Eastern army given him the largest force in Saxlan. When the day of the plan came Boris told Makorav of a weak spot in the enemy line knowing he couldn't resist the chance to gain Saxlan a great victory he took the majority of the army to the location, at the same time one of Georvia's agents forged a document telling Scift to go to the capital. Scift believing he would be promoted once again he left with haste. Boris , Makorav, and the army arrived at the location it was a desolate barren swampland. "No wonder those separatist dogs left this place
undefended they would never expect a army to come through here" Makorav said triumphantly, behind him Boris muttered to himself "and the invading army would never expect to be ambushed here.
Scift was relaxing in his limo drinking expensive wine while admiring his collection of unearned medals " it feels good to be me" he said with smug grin. Just then there was a crack and and the limo stopped suddenly causing Scift to be knocked forward breaking his favorite wine glass and staining his expensive uniform. Infuriated he yelled "YOU IDIOTIC WASTE OF AIR, YOU BETTER HAVE GOOD REASON FOR STOPPING!" he received no answer "IS THIS A SICK JOKE WHY HAVE WE STOPPED!" again no answer. this time he smashed his fist on the Windows and screamed "THIS ISN'T FUNNY TELL ME WHY WE HAVE STOPPED OR I'LL I WILL SMASH THIS WINDOW OPEN AND FIND OUT MYSELF at your expense" and for a third time no answer Scift more angry then he had ever been smashed the window the window open and prepared to scream at his driver he saw why his limo had stopped. The front window was cracked leading to a single hole surrounded by specks of blood the driver was however, gone and the door was wide open. Scift was content to wait for help but then there was another crack and the window near him exploded and he was cut by the glass on the right side of his face and his hand. In a act of pure instinct he opened his door and ran into the fields he kept running as fast as he could until he he couldn't anymore he had stopped running in the middle of a open wheat field he had used all of his energy running away and now tired slumped down and went to sleep unknowingly leading his killer to him with a trail a blood. How ironic it is the rich baron was shot in the head like a rabid dog, covered in blood and dirt and disposed of in a shallow grave stripped of his belongings leaving him with less then the poor he saw as beneath him. Boris looked ahead, there truly was nothing but swampland for miles Georvia was right it was the perfect spot for the General to suffer a accident he just had to wait for the distraction.
Around midnight the distraction approached the camp lead by Birn Hedgin a former Saxlanian sniper turned separatist commander he had orders to kill general Makorav after the members of the group detonated the explosives Boris's agents set all he had to was wait for moon to be covered by the approaching cloud shrouding them on darkness.
Boris watched the clouds roll over the moon and sighed, this was his last chance to prevent the action that was soon to happen. He thought about how Makorav had taken him under his wing when others refused he thought about the drunk arguments they had he thought about... And as he was thinking about the good times there was a BOOM and another and another, it was to late to go back now.
Birn held his gun steady he carefully crammed a bullet in it he looked through his scope at the chaos below, the wounded were screaming, the soldiers most of which had not seen battle were scattering some were consumed by the swamp, some were trampled by their comrades, others were clumsily trying to arm themselves, even the veterans were in disarray in the confusion the stern serious face of Boris could be found in seconds as could the the pale terrified face of Makorav. Birn aimed his gun he breathed in and fired, Makorav was no more.
Boris was somewhat socked he didn't think the army would fall into chaos like this it was almost pathetic. A horrified Makorav approached him he started to say "what is going on it was absolutely calm and,e peaceful one moment then BO..." he never finished the sentence as a bullet hit his head causing it to explode like a balloon. Step one was done but Boris still had a couple things to do to, and the first was to bring order to his army. He had achieved this by dusk no one mourned Makorav he was seen as a weak general who had lead them into a ambush. Boris led the army back to non separatist soil. Over the course of 4 months Boris increased his influence eventually becoming the overall commander of the eastern and southern Saxanian army one factor still threatened to reverse his gains general Direki while many saw his son's disappearance with suspicion only he believed it to be murder he hired many agents to find information about his son's disappearance. Boris had to get rid of him but how?
Georvia was staring to become infuriated she was promised that Bejian independence would an ensured by Boris immediately but he hadn't done a thing for their cause. She needed to do something to get him to take action so She summoned the agent she had sent to kill Scift and asked where the body was.
Boris knew what to do he would poison the General. He would invite the General to his abode to toast the General's success at putting a rebellion down in the capital and then poison his wine, of course the poison needed to take its time to kill him as to make sure the General didn't die in his presence. Just as he was about to write the General the letter he was interrupted by a loud knock on his door. He opened it to find a letter from Georvia telling him to free Bej or she would put the blame of Scift's murder on him. He was infuriated "the treacherous dog" he said "so she wants me to free Bej, then free it I will. He gathered his forces and marched to the capitol he demanded the support of all the forces in the army to crush The separatists and if be was denied he would take the forces, insulted by this aggression the leader of Saxlan threatened to declare Boris and his forces traitors if they did not back down. Boris refused and with that began the great war of Bejian liberation. Boris untited his lands with the separatist lands to create the republic of Bej against the empire of Saxlan. He besieged the capital until Direki arrived with his forces defeating Boris outside the city. The Bejian forces were pushed almost completely out of Saxlan. It seemed like then end for the Bejians but in the the infamous battle of the bridge of tears Direki was mortally wounded when a stray bullet hit in the chest puncturing his lung. His death cause the army of Saxlan to divide allowing the Bejian forces to take them out one by one, and after a 3 week long siege the Bejian forces entered the Saxlanian capital ending the war and Saxlan.
"Cheers for the republic of Bej" said Georvia "we have liberated ourselves from these Saxlanian pigs and became invincible" Shouted the other members at the table the only one not drinking was Boris. "Have some wine you of all people deserve it" said Georivia. Boris walked slowly to her and whispered "I said I would free Bej, but have only freed Saxlan there is still one force to rid ourselves of" "who would tha..." but before she could finish talking she started choking as did the others. As she desperately reached for air she got her last sentence out "why... Did.. You...Do ... ..Us". Boris leaned in and said "you don't blackmail Boris Karlof" and after that he left the hall as the republic died behind him. He went to the balcony and shouted to the crowd below "the republic is dead long with The empire" the crowd responded "long live the empire!"

And that was the story of Bej.