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Things Im tired of hearing as a future forensic scientist

Didnt know what other category to put this in. Here is a rant detailing things I often hear when I tell people Im planning on going into forensics, and what I think. Its not that I hate people asking questions about my line of work, and I know Im going to get these questions asked whether I like it or not. But it does get a tad annoying. Am I not allowed to be annoyed?

Ew, youre gonna be working with dead people? Doesnt that bother you?

If it bothered me do you think I would have chosen this field?

I bet you like Bones.
Do you watch Criminal Minds?
Oh, just like Abby on NCIS!

*sigh* No, I did not choose forensics because I saw it on NCIS or Bones or whatever other crime drama thats currently popular. No, I dont want to watch them either. Stop asking.

You do realize its not like whats on CSI, right?

Gee, I wasnt aware that a fictional representation of crime scene investigation would be heavily dramatized to entertain the viewers. /s

Oh, Ive seen that on TV! *proceeds to explain, in detail, an episode of NCIS and how it supposedly relates to my field*

Will. You. Please. Just. Shut. Up.
I. Dont. Care.
I know how PCR works. I know how to do gel electrophoresis and how to read the gel. I know how DNA sequencing works. I know what a fingerprint is. Youre not telling me anything I dont know. Stop acting like youre an expert in the field just because you saw it on TV once.

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