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[WIP] Pact of Umar, LGBT Holocaust and other domestic policies [IC]



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"O ye who believe! take not the Jews and the Christians for your friends and protectors: They are but friends and protectors to each other. And he amongst you that turns to them (for friendship) is of them. Verily Allah guideth not a people unjust."
—Quran 5:51

Popularly referred as the "Xenophobia Verse", this specific verse went viral in 1995 when the Chinese-Christian LinkBasuki Tjahaja Purnama became a serious candidate as Resident of Banka-Bilithon (east of Sumatra). The discriminative, xenophobic Sharia law forbids non-Muslims from taking political office.

A tree. Quran and Hadiths are packed with anti-semitic tirades, from the ban on friendship with Jews to a genocidal prophecy involving talking rocks and a specific kind of tree in that apparently participates in the zionist conspiracy Link[Sahih Muslim 41:6985].

In many ways, Islam emulates Marxism-Leninism. Its legalization of violence for many things, its dream to build an """utopian""" globalist state that adheres to a set of unquestionable ideologies, to its bloated bureaucracy. One of the similarity is the existence of the Muslim "Ummah", an "us vs them" construct with membership determined from sectarian lines. Similar to the idea of the "proletariat" class, this brotherhood concept has been vital to the legitimacy of the ruling fascist Khilafah dictatorship (though one might argue, Islam is actually more similar to fascism with all of its volk and dictators and hate). Sometimes however, an artificial sense of brotherhood aren't enough to advance the interests of the ruling oligarchy, who due to economic depression and social opression, found resentment within the majority of citizens. Scapegoats to blame thus came in handy to shift public anger from the incompetent fascist government to others. This includes the Khilafah's favourites, such as:

  • The Jews: Zionists, "International Bankers", and other racial and/or sectarian jargons along the lines of the Protocol of the Elders of Zion conspiracy theory.

  • Chinese, which serves as the Jews' substitute in areas with limited Jewish presence such as Dwipantara.

  • Evil and secretive Dajjal-aligned groups who supposedly controls many things behind the scenes, such as the Illuminati, Freemason, Skulls & Bones, Bohemian Groove, etc.

  • Liberals, LGBT, and those who "only cares about disgusting worldly pleasures".

  • Communists and atheists, which are used interchangeably (despite many atheist in Dwipantara strongly opposes communism and more ore less aligned with either Western Liberalism or 1945 Dwipantaran Right-wing Nationalism).

  • Christians, United States, NATO, and other "Western Imperialists".

  • Etc.

One hadith, popularly known as the "Jim Crow Hadith" is regularly used to justify the Khilafah's discrimination against non-Muslims. According to the prophet Muhammad,

"Do not greet the Jews and the Christians before they greet you and when you meet any one of them on the roads force him to go to the narrowest part of it."
—Saheeh Muslim 2167

There are two differing interpretation for this hadith. The first one is that Muslims should literally emulate the 1930's Nazi Germany and just sami'na wa atho'na ("listen and obey"), as what is good and bad is not determined by the goodness or badness of something, but determined by whatever Allah and His prophet have dictated. The second one is context-based, that is, this apartheid-esque hadith came during a period of tribal warmongerings between the Muslims and other tribes. Whatever is the correct interpretation, the Khilafah argued that these oppresive acts are justified bacause non-Muslims ARE currently hostile against the Khilafah and its sharia. This is not a baseless assumption, as the vast majority of separatist rebellions are launched by non-Muslim regions, such as in India. "Peaceful" non-Muslims meanwhile overwhelmingly supports movements that seeks to overthrow the Khilafah, such as Dwipantara's Alliance to Restore the Republic. Therefore, due to this present non-Muslim hostilities against the Ummah, today's condition are similar to the past and therefore Muhammad's Islamic Apartheid must be implemented.

As the 1996-1997 oil glut destroyed much of the Khilafah's cohesive governance, new egalitarian movements are already springing up across provinces, including Dwipantara. A diverse nation, the Salafi teachings of hate and discrimination are now being opnely questioned, as it has only led to bloodshed and civil war between those who could've been brothers under a free and secular republic. In particular, moderate Muslims have raised awareness about the similarity between the governing Islamists and the Khawarijs (a violent sect during Caliph 'Ali's era) and viciously criticize thr government's urge for following the amar ma'ruf nahi munkar (enjoin good, forbid evil) doctrine. Instead, many progressive scholars have supported a shift to rahmatan lil 'alamin (force of good for for the universe) doctrine, which will be compatible to an egalitarian secular society where "all humans are equal".

  1. Final Solution to the LGBT Question

  2. Pact of Umar: Islamic Apartheid

  3. Allah's Property Identification Number (APIN)

  4. Castes: Habibs, Commoners, and Dhimmis

  5. Seven Minute Hate, every morning at 6 am

  6. Jizya: Mafia State and Protection Rackets

  7. Gender Segregation

  8. Apostates: Find Them and Kill Them

Final Solution to the LGBT Question

In 1993, 141 gay minorities was raided and captured during a secret party in Kelapa Gading, Zakartah. All of them was sentenced to death and thrown off from the rooftop of Wisma 46, Zakartah's tallest tower. The bloodbath of 9 tons of severed muscles and bodyparts gave the street below it the nickname "Red Roundabout".

"Narated By Abdullah ibn Abbas : The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: If you find anyone doing as Lot's people did, kill the one who does it, and the one to whom it is done."
—Sunan Abu Dawud 38:4447

LGBT opression is a cheap and easy ticket to maintain an aura of Islamic legitimacy. Homosexuality is one of the most undesirable trait a human can posess in the territory of Khilafah Islamiyah. Its two most important source of law, the Quran and Hadith, are filled to the brim with bigotry, homophobic tirades, death threats, and genocidal "grab a knife and stab-stab" hate speech against sexual minorities. From the approximated 60 million queers (3% of the population – Linkas like other nations) in the Khilafah Islamiyah, more than 4 million lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender population have been genocided through brutal and animalistic methods since 1980, and even more have been subject to various torment, from "conversion theraphies" (which only increase the number of suicides), to direct physical torture, to public lynching by hardline mass organizations.

In the Hanafi school of thought, the homosexual is first punished through harsh beating, and if he/she repeats the act, the death penalty is to be applied.

As for the Shafi`i school of thought, the homosexual receives the same punishment as adultery (if he/she is married) or fornication (if not married). This means, that if the homosexual is married, he/she is stoned to death. Stoning is a form of death penalty where convict would be buried from feet to chest, and then thrown rocks hundreds of times until they die from internal haemorrage or organ ruptures (usually takes 2 hours). For singles, he/she is whipped 100 times. Hence, the Shafi`i compares the punishment applied in the case of homosexuality with that of adultery and fornication.

The Hanafi differentiates between the two acts because in homosexuality, anal sex [something that is prohibited, regardless of orientation] may also be involved, while in adultery [and fornication], the sexual organs (which are reproductive parts) are involved.

Some scholars, based on the Qur'an and various ahadith, hold the opinion that the homosexual should be thrown from a high building or stoned to death as a punishment for their crime, but other scholars maintain that they should be imprisoned until death.

Another view is that between two males, the active partner is to be lashed a hundred times if he is unmarried, and killed if he is married; whereas the passive partner is to be killed regardless of his marital status.


The government classifies Allah swt. as a "threat to national security", the same class as drugs and terrorism. This is because when Allah is angry, he might inflict disasters which disturbs the stability of the state – e.g. the carpet bombing of Sodom and Gomorra. Therefore, professional mitigation strategies are required to protect citizens from Allah's occasional tantrum.

To justify such 6th century barbaric practices, the Khilafah central government actively promoted hate rallies and hate campaigns against sexual minorities. There are four points that are often propagated by such Nazi propagandists (UIP University actually took literal 1940 Nazi propaganda manuals as reference materials).

  1. LGBT "practitioners" spreads diseases.
    HIV/AIDS spreads rapidly through the LGBT population, due to its style of transmission method. As Queers will be caught and tortured if they seek help, millions hide their HIV status and suffers its horrific symptoms. This has severely exacerbated the HIV pandemic to an astounding new level, which propagated even more rapidly due to the Khilafah's opposition to contraception and sex education. Obviously, the solution of this HIV epidemic is to triple the crackdowns and focus on abstinence-only sex education.

  2. LGBT are unnatural.
    Islam, the religion of peace, is actually the religion of logic too. Its vehement hatred against LGBT can be easily justified through simple Hegelian dialectics, where two contrasting states (thesis vs. antithesis) will yield a solution (synthesis).

      Thesis: Allah created all things in pairs, what a beautiful system.

      Antithesis: LGBT contravenes this, how dirty and disgusting.

      Synthesis: Therefore, hundreds of thousands of innocent LGBT population who practice it must be hunted down, beaten, and brutally murdered in public.

    This is despite the fact that not all life on earth is created in pairs, in fact, quite the opposite. Whiptail lizards are female only. Bacteria, which reproduces through division and constitutes the majority of all life, don't even recognize the concept of "sex", meaning that the majority of living beings on earth actually contradicts Allah's judgemment.

  3. LGBT are condemned by Allah.
    In Islam, what is right and wrong are not determined by moral values or scientific inquiries of causes and effects, but set arbitrarily by the subjective whim of Allah and His prophet, Muhammad. If Allah said something, obey, no question asked. Allah is smarter than neuroscientists and psychologists, Allah knows best and you are stupid.

  4. National security concern.
    According to Islamic tradition, the city of Sodom was inhabited by an LGBT population. This makes Allah angry, and He sent prophet Lut to fix this but to no avail. Because of this, He carpet bombed the entire city and all of its inhabitants through continuous orbital strikes, using thousands of asteroids. This serves as a terrifying warning to the Khilafah government, that if they disobey Allah and His order to dicriminate and persecute sexual minorities, Allah may become angry and send punishment that will severely endanger the Khilafah's economic and political position. Therefore, to prevent Allah's tantrum outburst, the government must oppress LGBT minorities as malevolently as possible.

Due to its offensiveness in the Islamic norm, Queer culture and icons has became a staple icon of the counterculture movement who resists the Khilafah. Vandals regularly vandalized walls, public transports, and even official government properties to the brim with "indecent arts", provoking unnecessary police backlash and crackdowns and undermining the Khilafah's supposed success in maintaining the Sharia — shouting loudly "hey, I'm gay and the Khilafah can't stop me because they're useless incompetents" to the people. This is useful for the Alliance to further erode the legitimacy of the governing regime: the Khilafah is so discriminative AND the Khilafah is so incompetent that they can't even enforce their own discriminative practices properly.

Meanwhile, moderate Muslim leaders has been trying to bring the LGBT question to public discourse, and encouraging active debates. Professional neuroscientists and psychology scientists are called to give opinions, as opposed to homophobic ulemas from random homophobic schools somewhere. The goal is to first reclassify LGBT from "societal disease" that "must be eradicated" into a "mental health concern" that "must be helped", ending direct persecution of the LGBT population. After this is reached, further progressive reforms can then be pushed.

Pact of Umar: Islamic Apartheid

Discriminated infidels are required to wear an armband with specifically designated color to differentiate them from the Muslims in public.

The Pact of Umar (also known as the Covenant of Umar, Treaty of Umar or Laws of Umar; Arabic: شروط عمر‎ or عهد عمر or عقد عمر), is an apocryphal treaty between the Muslims and the Christians of either Syria, Mesopotamia or Jerusalem that later gained a canonical status in Islamic jurisprudence, which is still being enforced at large today. Often compared to the Segregation and Apartheid, it specifies rights and restrictions for non-Muslims (dhimmis, or Class II and Class III Citizen) living under Islamic rule.

There are several versions of the pact, differing both in structure and stipulations. While the pact is traditionally attributed to the second Rashidun Caliph Umar ibn Khattab, other jurists and orientalists have doubted this attribution with the treaty being attributed to 9th century Mujtahids (Islamic scholars) or the Umayyad Caliph Umar II. This treaty should not be confused with Umar's Assurance of safety to the people of Aelia (known as al-ʿUhda al-ʿUmariyya, Arabic: العهدة العمرية‎).

In general, the pact contains a list of rights and restrictions on non-Muslims (dhimmis). By abiding by them, non-Muslims are granted the security of their persons, their families, and their possessions. Other rights and stipulations may also apply. According to Ibn Taymiyya, one of the jurists who accepted the authenticity of the pact, the dhimmis have the right "to free themselves from the Covenant of 'Umar and claim equal status with the Muslims if they enlisted in the army of the state and fought alongside the Muslims in battle.

Historians suggest that the document was based on Umar's Assurance, a treaty concluded between Umar ibn Khattab and the Patriarch of Jerusalem, Sophronius following the colonization of Jerusalem by the Rashidun Caliphate (637), while others believe the document was either the work of 9th century Mujtahids or was forged during the reign of the Umayyad Caliph Umar II (717-720), with other clauses added later. After being enforced for hundreds of years, it has been canonized into law by the Khilafah government with sanctions for its transgressors varying from flogging to the death penalty, who maintains that the policy is 'an exercise of the Ummah's sovereignty' and is completely legal without any form of objections.


  1. The ruler would provide security for the Christian believers who follow the rules of the pact.

  2. Prohibition against building new churches, places of worship, monasteries, monks or a new cell. (Hence it was also forbidden to build new synagogues, although it is known that new synagogues were built after the occupation of the Islam, for example in Jerusalem and Ramle. The law that prohibits to build new synagogues was not new for the Jews, it was applied also during the Byzantines. It was new for the Christians.)

  3. Prohibition against rebuilding destroyed churches, by day or night, in their own neighbourhoods or those situated in the quarters of the Muslims.

  4. Prohibition against hanging a cross on the Churches.

  5. Muslims should be allowed to enter Churches (for shelter) in any time, both in day and night.

  6. Obliging the call of prayer by a bell or a kind of Gong (Nakos) to be low in volume.

  7. Prohibition of Christians and Jews against raising their voices at prayer times.

  8. Prohibition against teaching non-Muslim children the Qur'an.

  9. Christians were forbidden to show their religion in public, or to be seen with Christian books or symbols in public, on the roads or in the markets of the Muslims.

  10. Palm Sunday and Easter parades were banned.

  11. Funerals should be conducted quietly.

  12. Prohibition against burying non-Muslim dead near Muslims.

  13. Prohibition against raising a pig next to a Muslims neighbour.

  14. Christian were forbidden to sell Muslims alcoholic beverage.

  15. Christians were forbidden to provide cover or shelter for spies.

  16. Prohibition against telling a lie about Muslims.

  17. Obligation to show deference toward Muslims. If a Muslim wishes to sit, non-Muslim should be rise from his seats and let the Muslim sit.

  18. Prohibition against preaching to Muslims in an attempt to convert them from Islam.

  19. Prohibition against preventing the conversion to Islam of some one who wants to convert.

  20. The appearance of the non-Muslims has to be different from those of the Muslims: Prohibition against wearing Qalansuwa (kind of dome that was used to wear by Bedouin), Bedouin turban (Amamh), Muslims shoes, and Sash to their waists. As to their heads, it was forbidden to comb the hair sidewise as the Muslim custom, and they were forced to cut the hair in the front of the head. Also non-Muslim shall not imitate the Arab-Muslim way of speech nor shall adopt the kunyas (Arabic byname, such as "abu Khattib").

  21. Obligation to identify non-Muslims as such by clipping the heads' forelocks and by always dressing in the same manner, wherever they go, with binding the zunar (a kind of belt) around the waists. Christians to wear blue belts or turbans, Jews to wear yellow belts or turbans, Zoroastrians to wear black belts or turbans, and Samaritans to wear red belts or turbans. In recent times the turbans and zunars have been replaced by specufically designated ribbons.

  22. Prohibition against riding animals in the Muslim custom, and prohibition against riding with a saddle. This law has been expanded in driving and public transport.

  23. Prohibition against adopting a Muslim title of honour.

  24. Prohibition against engraving Arabic inscriptions on signet seals.

  25. Prohibition against any possession of weapons.

  26. Non-Muslims must host a Muslim passerby for at least 3 days and feed him.

  27. Non-Muslims prohibited from buying a Muslim prisoner.

  28. Prohibition against taking slaves who have been allotted to Muslims.

  29. Prohibition against non-Muslims to lead, govern or employ Muslims.

  30. If a non-Muslim beats a Muslim, his Dhimmi is removed.

  31. The worship places of non-Muslims must be lower in elevation than the lowest mosque in town.

  32. The houses of non-Muslims must not be taller in elevation than the houses of Muslims.

The ruling has been a key part of criticism against the Khilafah. Moderates claimed that that the ruling is not even in the Quran nor the Hadiths, but is basically made up by senile and ignorant ancient grandpas thousands of years ago, a gang of bigoted ulemas who still thought that the earth is flat with four corners. From this point of view, they then pushed to criticize hundreds upon thousands of other ulema rulings and consensuses from the last fourteen century, and even hasan hadiths which contained backwards rulings. This is quite dangerous, as the government has maintained that those who challenged the consensus of ulema can be declared infidel through fatwa and sentenced to death. Atheists meanwhile pointed out to the root of the problem: the bigotry and the anti-infidel sentiment experienced by pious Muslims and the weak and problematic legal system of the religion itself.

Meanwhile, the differing living condition between Muslims and infidels has recently been painted in a new light by the popular culture, giving birth to many works of fictions and even gossips. One of the most popular involves the forbidden love novel of Rahman and Janett. In the book, the two first met on a train full of people, when an old man who wanted to sit tried to shoo away Janett from her chair so he can sit [Pact of Umar: 17]. Rahman, by then still a Muslim and the son of a big ulema, stood up to defend her, which escalated into a fight and riot on the whole train. Nearly caught by the police, their story spiralled into the legendary forbidden romance that inspired many atheists during the Atheist Explosion of the late '1990s.

Allah's Property Identification Number (APIN)

Humans are Allah's property, just like a cow is a farmer's property. And like a labeled cattle, all citizens are required to be labeled with a non-permanent identification tatoo on their neck.

The Islamic Khilafah borrowed much of its bureaucratic and security system from the Soviet Union, such as the internal passport and the requirement for citizens to report to the law enforcement forces about their existence in an area. However, due to the Pact of Umar and the Jim Crow Hadith, the government goes one step further and implement a policy taken straight out of a dystopian fiction – identification numberings stamped on every citizens' skin. While permanent tatoos are banned in Islam, non-permanent coloring aren't (especially if the goal is not for beauty), such as the henna.

The tattoo is made of a special ink that wears off after 4 months, and the citizen must then renew the tattoo on their district civil center. Along with this process comes the Khilafah's bureaucratic machinations, which will then review your past activities for those last 4 months, before restamping the tattoo to the citizen (in practice however, corruption are rampant and bribe is needed to get the process moving. ). This serves as an effective way for the Khilafah to monitor its citizens. Those who was "stained" – committed breaches against the law or the sharia – will face difficulty in renewing their tattoo. Tourists and visitors are also required to be stamped with a special numbers tattoo, which wears off according to the visitor's time of visit as stated in the visa permit. Caught without a tatoo comes with serious repercussions, from fines to searches and seizures to imprisonment.

APIN of a 15-years old male Christian from Garut, West Jawwu prefecture. The last three digits (separated by a dash) signifies his status: K for "Kaafir" (nonbeliever), M for "Male", and P for "Protected because he had paid this year's Jizya".

The tattoo is consisted of two parts: nine figures of alphabetical capital letters and numbers on the left side of the neck, and a its corresponding barcodes on the back side. The nine figures are called "Allah's Property Identification Number" – a testament to the fact that in Islam, we're all Allah's property whose task is to obey and worship Him to death. The first seven seven of those nine numbers are the citizen's "primary number", a simple 36-digits combination of seven slots that goes consecutively from 0000000 to ZZZZZZZ. The last two however is the real purpose of the whole numbering system: to quickly identify discriminated groups and treat them properly. Both slots only have two possible combinations. The first slot is either "I" for "Islam" or "K" for "Kaafir" (nonbeliever). The second slot is either "M" for "Male" or "F" for "Female". For nonbelievers, a special tenth letter is also added to mark those who have paid the Jizya tax and those who haven't: "P" (Protected) for those who have, and therefore have the right to state protection of their rights, and "N" (Not Protected) for those who haven't paid. While not official, it's also common knowledge that habibs (an aristocratic nobility descended from the prophet Muhammad) gets a special differentiation, with their APIN starting with a number while commoners starts with a letter.

With this tattoo, the Khilafah's discrimination can be enforced with ease, as the moral police can perform random inspections to catch transvestites and religious cross-dressers (such as a Christian not wearing the required armband), or raid an illegal cinema and mixed gender gathering, and the records of those people's breached can be quickly reported, stored, and recalled with ease.

This Allah's Property Identification Number is different for each citizen, who uses it for many applications within their daily life, and cannot be changed – except the second last digit that signifies religion. Those who converted to Islam will be able to change their digit from "K" to "I" after completing a series of tests (such as destroying various arca statues for Hindus). Those who reverted from Islam however, either voluntarily or through fatwa declaration (both is sentenced to death) will experience the contrary.

While the tattoo cannot be easily erased, it can be covered by make up and other cosmetic products. Republikens such as the Fox regularly uses this to hide their numbers and prevent identification. Some even stamp new tatoos above their cover-up to deceive the police.

Jizya: Mafia State and Protection Racket

The concept of "unalienable rights" does not exist in Islam. A non-Muslim's property, liberty, and life will not be protected until their Jizya tax is paid. The Jizya constitutes a large portion of government revenue, leading to the rise of mafia-like practices where government thugs and death squads go around the neighborhood to kill, loot, or terrorize non-Muslims who haven't paid.

Jizya or Jizyah (Arabic: جِزْيَة‎) is a per capita yearly taxation historically levied in the form of financial charge on permanent non-Muslim subjects (dhimmi) of the Khilafah in order to fund public expenditures of the state, in place of the Zakat and Khums that Muslims are obliged to pay. Muslim jurists required baligh (>11 years old), free, sane males among the dhimma community to pay the jizya, while exempting women, children, elders, handicapped, the ill, the insane, monks, hermits, slaves, and musta'mins—non-Muslim foreigners who only temporarily reside in Muslim lands. Dhimmis who chose to join military service were also exempted from payment, as were those who could not afford to pay.

The goals of Jizya are to 1) raise revenue for the government, 2) prove the subservience of non-Muslims to the Khilafah and the sharia materially, and 3) hummiliate and encourage those non-Muslims to convert to Islam. The rate of Jizya varies between each province, with the Governor-General given the liberty to arbitrarily raise or lower the taxes according to his wishes. Many regions including Dwipantara levied an income and harvest tax of 50%. This is based on Muhammad's example in Khaibar village, where the prophet extorted 50% of the village's harvest after they are defeated and colonized by the Muslims.

This Jizya tax constitutes a large chunk of the province's revenue. Chinese entrepreneurs, from owners of local shops to shareholders of the largest textile industries are especially the province's most important prey. As a result, combined with the pressure of collapsing national budget due to oil prices slumps and horrid economic growth, the government have taken harsh measures to raise payment dilligence to eleven. In Islam, non-Muslims aren't actually obliged to pay. Non-Muslims only won't be protected if a threat, say, a black ops death squad running around their settlement suddenly appeared.

As a result, the Khilafah employs two strategies: "marking", and "enforcement". First, the government would stamp every citizen with the APIN tattoo that must be renewed every four years. There, they audit the finances of a nonbelievers and determine whether the nonbeliever have paid the jizya or not. If not, they will be stamped with an "N" until their due is paid. This will make them vulnerable to state-sanctioned death squads, who performs regular sidak ("inspeksi mendadak", or sudden inspection) teror raids on nonbeliever communities (especially those with a history of resistance). Families will be lined up, separated between the "payers" who have paid the jizya (including those who aren't obligated to pay, such as women and children), and the "debtors" who haven't. The payers will be told to go home, while the debtors' life will be at the mercy of the death squads. Usually, the squads will inflict humiliating punishments and raid their homes in search for valuables, but it is not unusual for them to perform arbitrary torture, pogroms, house-burning, and even publuc executions as a warning to the nonbelievers to pay and to not rebel. This is perfectly legal in Islam, as the state isn't obligated to protect nonbelievers that don't pay their annual jizya. If those non-paying citizens are attacked or killed, the state does and will not care.

Castes: Habibs, Commoners, and Dhimmis

Distribution of Province 14's population into four castes, from top to bottom: Muhammad-descended Habaib nobility (blue, 3%); bourgeoisie, clergy, and nomenklatura (green, 7%), commoners (yellow, 80%), and the Dhimmis, or non-Muslims (red, 10%).

All Muslims are equal, but some Muslims are more equal than others. Also, Muslims and non-Muslims are not equal. This is the present condition of the Khilafah's society, who divided themselves into four strict castes analogous to ancient Hindu system of Brahmana, Ksatriya, Waisya, and Sudra.

The first caste are the habibs or sayyids, Arabic settlers who are direct descendants of Muhammad who monopolize nearly all the power in the Khilafah. In Islamic tradition, loving the 5 million habibs across the archipelago (who make up about 2-3% of Dwipantaran population) is a part of loving the prophet, so disrespecting them is the same as disrespecting the prophet. Many hardliners view blood status with high regard, and anyone who challanges them may be subject to brutal lynchings and persecution by hardline organizations (who coincidentally are usually "owned" by the habibs). Normal citizens are banned from being elected into high political offices, who requires status as a habib for the candidates to be eligible, such as the Khalifah. To become a habib, one will have to present the records of your entire family line directly to Hasan or Hussein (Muhammad's grandsons), and have it approved by a state-sanctioned bureaucratic agency before being able to claim your divine rights. This put the already rich in a considerable advantage, as they are able to more efficiently research their lineage and proof their divine supremacy to rule.

The second are the nomenklatura, non-habibs that fills the role of the conglomerate oligarchs, military commanders, state bureaucracy, and regional ulemas. This role is comparable to the Outer Party in Orwell's "Oceania". They are tasked by the ruling habibs to maintain the status quo, something happily obliged by many nomenklaturans who pose themselves as "mini-kings" in outer regions that exploits Dwipantara's wealth for their and the habibs' interests. Many nomenklaturans however secretly despise this present condition and seeks reform, with one of the most ominious secret society called "Alliance to Restore the Republic" being a source of worry to the habibs.

The third are the commoners, or normal Muslim citizens. Poor and often with only 6-9 years of education, they usually rely on basic supply paid by the government's oil revenue. The vast majority of commoners are either farmers, laborers, or fishers, although small enterprises also play a significant role in carrying the province's economy and basic welfare. The commoners are the one impacted the hardest by the 1996-1997 oil glut, a"Dutch Disease" financial disaster that cut off hundred of millions from foodstuff and energy subsidies. The resulting anger and riots paved the way for the rise of the Alliance, who spreads their ideals – including the Dwipantara Menggugat manifesto, which insisted the need for independence – through volunteer teachers and social charity workers that have secretly aligned with the Republikens.

Seven Minute Hate, every morning at 6 am

Anti-Semitic Propaganda


Gender Segregation

All women wears the government-mandated burqa everytime they're outside their house (supervised at all times by a male family member). Anyone who is caught without one in public spaces can receive severe penalty.


Apostates: Find Them and Kill Them

With state coordination, hardline Islamists are given free reign to conduct regular intimidation, terror, raid, and lynchings of those they viewed as "apostates, blasphemers, or bid'ah (heretics)".