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Ideologies of the United Nations (UN)

Anarchism - Self-explanatory really; advocates the abolishment of all unjustifiable hierarchies, specifically the state and private property in favor or collectively-owned goods and services while respecting personal property.
Example: Senora Free State

Toraism - Our world's communism; a blanket term encompassing a variety of ideologies that all have one thing in common; their belief in class war and using a state to lead to a society in which all property is collectively-owned and each person gives and takes according to their abilities and needs.
Example: Sozkana

Kosmosism - A somewhat obscure term not really used often, essentially a more liberal form of Toraism that allows state-owned companies/collectives to compete in a free market.
Example: Lapod

Peoplism - Arguable the most common ideology in our world, it is the farthest left form of Capitalism our world has. Promotes income redistribution, regulation of a free marketplace, and advocates for social welfare programs/provisions, along with promoting civil rights and political freedom.
Example: Zambet Fata

Rusticanism - From arguable the most common ideology to the least common, Rusticanism is an ideology based on society, rather than economics. Believing rural society as superior to urban society, it advocates that the simplicity, freedom, and self-determination of rural life is superior to the complexity, overbearing and sometimes authoritarian nature of urban life. Still has plenty of welfare programs nonetheless.
Example: North Nebraska

Enlightened Statism - A quite complicated ideology, Enlightened Statism is perhaps the oldest ideology on this list. Avocating for the church to take the reigns of government, the leaders of states under this ideology are high-ranking members of the church. Basically theocracy but with more freedom.
Example: Sinderland

Classical Liberalism - A movement that advocates for a free market with extremely limited government regulation and little tariffs, a strong believer in libertarianism and freedom of the self over the collective will of society.
Example: States of Conmerica

Social Conservatism- Somewhat similar to Classical Liberalism, except Social Conservatists advocate for social tradition and strong values for society as a whole, though they still value freedom of the self.
Example: Anthacia

The ideologies above encompass every nation, but some nations also slap a monarch on to take the reigns of government on top of an ideology above, so let's go over that briefly.

Constitutional Monarchy - Here the monarch doesn't have any real power, and is just a figurehead.
Example: State of East Nebraska in North Nebraska. Not a nation, but the only example on Tierra I can think of that uses this.

Dualism - Here the monarch rules jointly with an elected official (president/prime minister, etc), each having equal power.
Example: Valirria

Democratic Monarchism - Here the monarch is the sole head of state, but is still subject to an elected body of government, say for instance a parliament, that can overrule/support their decisions.
Example: Nedporen

Absolute Monarchism - Here the monarch is the sole head of state and has no government body that can overrule their decisions, the monarch's word is law.
Example: Used to be common, but now no nation on Tierra uses this system.

Of course, there's more ideologies out there, like Red Rosim, Aquilism, and the like, but the ones I listed above encompass the ideologies of every nation.