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by The Little bobsled of Little St Nick. . 12 reads.

Secret Santa gift 2019

Merry Christmas Teralyon!

So just what do you give to a stranger as a secret Santa gift?

I guess you have to nose about a bit first, to try & find out something about them.

I think the first part of this YouTube video will appeal to you, and maybe it also has useful info at 3:40

And I thought you might like some Troy themed custom banners:

Merry Christmas!

Thank you Land of hog for this lyrical gift:

Gather round one and all,
Listen well, listen truly,
For this is a tale
'bout a leader named Rudy.

Long ago, back in time,
In a region named Christmas,
A nation was born,
And that nation meant business!

Infront of the people,
Rudy stood tall and proud
When the people fell silent,
Rudy questioned the crowd:

"The name of this nation,
Is for you all to pick"
And together they shouted
"Call it Little St Nick!"

So surrounded by reindeer
Dashing wild, prancing free,
Through row upon row,
Of fine Christmas tree;

In the nation's first city,
Aptly named Way Up North,
They spread their religion
With incredible force,

A tale 'bout Christmas
Is the name of this faith,
And to this day it still spreads
With incredible pace!

Now at thirty-three thousand,
Five eighty-three
They use presents for wages,
Not just under tree.

Thinking about it,
(This is personally)
It should more than just reasonable,
Their fine economy.

Although political freedom
Isn't much to observe,
Their fine civil rights are,
Quite frankly, superb.

So to Rudy I say:
"Good job and well done
For creating a nation
Of five billion!

Happy new year,
I hope you have plenty
Of good luck and joy
All throughout 2020!"