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COL | Non-Intervention Party

Non-Intervention Party

The official flag of the Non-Intervention Party.

The flag of Amsterwald's 2020 presidential campaign.


since 7 Dec. 2019

December 7th, 2019
Commonwealth of Liberty



The Non-Intervention Party

The Non-Intervention Party (NIP) of the Commonwealth of Liberty is a political organization committed to promoting a form of regional administration that, while acting when necessary to defend the community from major issues (especially those which are external in nature), avoids any heavy-handed involvement in the private affairs of the region's residents or in the functions of other areas of the NationStates website. Its aim in doing this is the preservation of the Commonwealth as an isolated writing community that is unsubjected to any unneeded involvement from its government or outside influence and whose citizens are therefore unobstructed. In terms of its domestic policy, the NIP holds that the twin pillars of regional administration are pragmatic, common-sense policy and the maintenance of extensive freedoms. Founded in December 2019, the Non-Intervention Party has so far represented one Commonwealth presidency and every position in the presidential cabinet.


A variety of symbols have been devised to represent the Non-Intervention Party, generally centering around a contrast of white and vivid red. Red and white, when coupled together, are frequently used in the representation of forbiddance, which parallels the hands-off style of governance supported by the NIP. The present flag is a vivid red (#CC0000) with three white diamonds in its center, meant to represent the three central values of the NIP doctrine: liberty, non-interventionism, and isolationism.


The Non-Intervention Party was officially established on the 7th of December, 2019—the fourth anniversary of Amsterwald taking on a nation in the Commonwealth of Liberty—by Amsterwald and Yarosluv. Formed in a time of regional politics that generally lacked political parties, it was intended to form a fellowship dedicated specifically to the defense of the region's isolation and integrity, upholding its community over its government and external influences. Both of the founders had already held two presidencies each and had an extensive record of government service, Yarosluv since 2014 and Amsterwald since 2016.

Electoral History

March 2020 Commonwealth Elections

Amsterwald officially announced his bid for the 14ᵗʰ Presidency on 10 March 2020, reciting the ideology of the NIP in support of the establishment of a neutral political environment. The party's campaign for the presidency was predicated on the NIP's cumulative experience in governance and the ability of its members to quell intra-regional conflict. The presidential election was held from the early hours of 30 March 2020 until the early hours of 2 April 2020 and resulted in Amsterwald's election to the presidency with 71.8% of the vote. In the associated elections, NIP member Rutannia was elected by a considerable margin to a seat in the map office, and in the simultaneous World Assembly Secretary-General elections, Amsterwald was voted into the second round, even though his candidacy was inadvertently submitted.


Membership in the Party is open to all residents of the Commonwealth of Liberty of good moral standing and is granted by requests made personally to the incumbent Chairman, which is presently Amsterwald. Shown below are present members and any titles that they have held or are holding in the regional government, in the order of governmental experience (and, when non-applicable, alphabetical position), beginning after the founding Party members.

  • Amsterwald (founding member), 8ᵗʰ, 12ᵗʰ, and incumbent (14ᵗʰ) President; 9ᵗʰ Vice President; former Secretary of State; and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the Commonwealth of Liberty

  • Yarosluv (founding member), 5ᵗʰ and 10ᵗʰ President; 3ʳᵈ and incumbent (17ᵗʰ) Vice President; former Secretary of Defense; Secretary of Foreign Affairs; and Secretary of Regional Statistics of the Commonwealth of Liberty

  • Nonador, 1ˢᵗ Prime Minister; 1ˢᵗ Executive Moderator; 7ᵗʰ President; 4ᵗʰ, 6ᵗʰ, and 8ᵗʰ Vice President; former Secretary of Foreign Affairs; and Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Liberty

  • Rutannia, incumbent Attorney General; Map Officer; and former Secretary of Recruitment of the Commonwealth of Liberty

  • Diwi, incumbent Secretary of the Commonwealth of the Commonwealth of Liberty

  • Bachover

  • Le Rochelle

  • OsivoII

  • The True Islands