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Mandatory ROTC Legislation is signed Into Law

-Republic Act No. 9163-
-December 7, 2019-

The Filipine House of Representatives and President Fili have approved a bill today that would make it compulsory for all students above the age of 16 to join a military education and training program called the Reserve Officer's Training Corps (ROTC) which is one of the three components of the National Service Training Program (NSTP).

The ROTC program's main objective is to train and prepare Filipino students for any future military conflict that might require more manpower and reserve troops. With Filipine Army Officers being tasked to act as military advisors.

This law, however, does not require a Cadet who has passed the programs and graduated to be automatically conscripted into the Armed Forces. As conscription and compulsory military service is strictly forbidden in the Constitution, unless the country's situation requires it.

A Lieutenant of the 1st Ranger Scouts Regiment of the Filipine Army instructs an ROTC cadet officer on the finer points of the M16 rifle

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