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Volirum for Secretary General of the New West Indies

June 14th: Election for Secretary General

Greetings citizens, wanna know why you should elect me?
Let's just say it calls on experience and the witness to change.

I was the 2nd Secretary General of the New West Indies, where my main focus was stability and transition. We went from a low activity and standard region, to a region with diverse members, all with different ideas.
Things got creative and where necessary, much more serious. We grew in numbers, lost a few, and grew bigger again.

I knew my knowledge in what should happen in transitioning was really limited, so I chose wisely as to who my Secretaries should be. No one could've been better choice than my Secretary of Administration Karteria. Old and new nations saw what he has accomplished. As my Secretary of Administration, he was able to show he could become the next Secretary General. The region has truly reached greatness, and I'm committed to keep that going.

I was awarded The Order of Roleplaying for contributing to the quality of New West Indies roleplay. If you wish to know how, here ya go: Press Release | Volirum's Distinction. I'm currently the Public Attorney, where I use my law skills to help you win a case against you if you wish.

But you probably wanna know what I'm going to do next and who my Secretaries will be. So here ya go. Feel free to tell me what else you think I should do.






Secretary of Internal Affairs

  • Controlling citizenship

  • Handle the Prosecution and Defence

  • Ventus Prime

    Secretary of Foreign Affairs

  • Remember our Embassy Policy to know who to accept and who not.

  • Review our List of Current Embassies here.

  • Handle all diplomatic affairs with other regions

  • Work with the Secretary of Defense and Information to ensure no connections are made with raiders.

  • North Italian Union

    Secretary of Defense and Information

  • Monitor raiders.

  • Manage the list of raider regions

  • Prioritise regional security

  • Know who is banned

  • Inform the Secretary of Foreign Affairs of hostile regions

  • New United Carolinas

    Secretary of Administration

  • Manage EXTREMELY important documents(eg. Constitution)

  • Know what's going on, be here frequently

  • Ensure that new members/citizens are well informed

  • *Jobs may increase


    What I WILL do

    What I want to do

    Focus on aesthetics and ease-of-read

    Make available geographical maps of countries

    Opinion and social polls

    Have a region for Secretarial use

    While we can all agree the wiki is a revolutionary feature, we need something more

    Encourage participation in roleplay and help those who don't know where or how to fall in.

    Take in suggestions from regional citizens

    Take in monthly competition suggestions from you

    Make sure our stances are well known to the region and the world

    Make sure to uphold the success of our previous Secretary General

    The United Kingdom of Volirum