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Aigania Notes of the RP in the RMB of Lazarus, December 2019


Danwaria and The Federal Republic of Cossack Peoples want to invade Mussoliniburg. Who's independence is guaranteed by New Vedan , New Vedan in turn has threatened to invade The Federal Republic of Cossack Peoples in retaliation and our current leader constantly rails against there supposed "Barbarism" Leonism ,Loftegen 2 and Custadia have all blocked the straights separating New Vedan from the The Federal Republic of Cossack Peoples to prevent a conflict from forming. Mussoliniburg still hasn't claimed a spot on the map so it's kinda hard to tell where to put planes to separate then from Danwaria right now, but I'm assuming there will be some places whenever he does get around to that. In addition it seems like Loftegen 2 And Leonism have decided to begin selling material to the Danwaria/The Federal Republic of Cossack Peoples side. Presumably because there uncultured scum who are also racist against Vedanians :p but they still have Plausible deniability about that. Possibly not for long tho, because a Cossack Jet of Loftgen 2's design recently crashed in New Vedan doing "Reconnaissance work" which Loftegen 2 denied it was doing. The Federal Republic of Cossack Peoples blew up the plane and managed to make it to shore and so far it hasn't gone any farther than that. Anymore questions?

The Federation of Aigania