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TNP & 10KI To Hold Cultural Exchange

The Delegate McMasterdonia has announced that The North Pacific will be hosting a Cultural Exchange with 10000 Islands. The event will run for one week (November 30th to December 7th).

The cultural exchange will be hosted in a special server for the purposes of the event.
The event will include the following activities:

•Military operations between TITO and the North Pacific Army

•A non-canon roleplay ball for characters from across both regions to attend, converse and create drama and intrigueand#59 and

•An adventure based roleplay for all characters to get involved in.

As per TNP Officials, "This is a great opportunity to get to know other players and to build people to people links between our regions."

AoR Learning Development Program

As per Assembly of Regions Officer, Awell Islands, AoR is soon going to start an unique Learning and Development Program for the citizens of the AoR Regions. The Program enables the nations to learn anything they wish, including RL Academics. The Program encourages the use of Visual Content.

Unfortunately, after research, our Editorial Team has found that the Program goes against the Site rules. The Site Rules says it is illegal to run any kind of academic program or help someone in their Homework on NationStates.

The AoR still has the opportunity to redirect their Academic Program to NS related things only, such as teaching about NS History. We need to wait to see where the things go.

Hindu Puri Claims Victory for the Third Time as WAD of India

The recently closed WAD Elections of India saw an interesting electoral fight between the two contestants Hindu Puri and Trivian. In initial days Trivian was able to overtake Hindu Puri, but the situation reversed in next 24 hours.

In a popular mandate, the Hindu Puri government was able to claim victory for the third time. Our editor took a short interview with Hindu Puri.

What do you think played a major role in your victory?

This victory is a result of the peformance of my administration from February 2019 to this day. The voters did not vote for Trivian because while he had good intentions and called for a change, he had no agenda on how to bring about this change. Residents of India voted for stability and continuity. I also thank two of my seniormost Ministers, Shri Awell Islands and Shri Hindu Mahasabha for helping me to provide a responsible government to the citizens of India.

Where is the focus of your Government after claiming victory for another term?

There is no one focus area. There are multiple issues to be looked at. Recruitments is the biggest challenge for us. Another key area of interest in this tenure is developing an alternative leadership for the region. I have inducted new members like Ankitsingh and Trieland into the Cabinet and we would like to train them in administration so that they can take over when I retire. I also want to restructure our Parliament and its proceedings.

Why have you decided to appoint a new Cabinet for this term?

A new Cabinet has been appointed to develop new leadership in the region. I ll retire from NationStates some day, and as of today, I find India's future quite uncertain because except for Awell Islands, we lack people trained in the administration. Hindu Mahasabha has left us. Pratapgadh is not very active in the game due to real life issues. So, therefore, we needed fresh young blood in the Cabinet.

We wish good luck to the new Admin Team of India and see how they fight the obstacles in their way to achieve success.

TMA Becomes a Monarcy
By: Christian Confederation

On Saturday October 26th year in Lord 2019 President of The Moderate Alliance Christian Confederation announced the Creation of the Empire.

CC has since been crowned Emporor of TMA and its Protectorats. The Empire is open to new settlers and in search for a Empress. Nobility from all regions are invited to throw there hat into the ring.

Southfield Cout Pressed Charges Against Whole India

The region of Southfield has pressed charges against Whole India. As per officer Hamana, "My ministry charged Whole India in the Southfieldian Criminal Tribunal. The Ministerial Indictment was certified by the magistrate, so it will be going to trial. The Southfieldian Security and Safety Office (SSSO) has accused the defendant with attempting to damage relations between Southfield and India, interfering with our governmental process, and are investigating further accusations of harassment against the region of India. We have rejected requests by the Bharat Supreme Court to transfer the case, as Southfieldian law only allows cases to be transferred to AoR member regions. You can find more on our legal process here."

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