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NPC - Ofrax

  • Display Name: Directorate of Ofrax

  • Capital City: Kahdura

  • Territory:

  • Population: 32,984,246

  • Description of Political Environment:

    The nation is ran by a Directorate of 7 elected at large by STV. They are elected in staggered 7 year terms. Each Director is given a specific portfolio upon being elected, and reshuffles occur upon the election of new Directors. They hold supreme executive and legislative functions. The Supreme Court is appointed by consensus and operates as the independent judiciary of 5 jurists who hold the final say in judicial matters.

  • Description of the Economy:

      Economy Type: Service
      GDP: 421 Million

      | Financial - Banking | Financial - Investment | Information Technology - Cybersecurity | Entertainment - Sin Industries | Mass Media - Film Industry |

      Major Imports
      Foodstuffs, textiles, fuels, machinery

    The economy of Ofrax is extremely specialized, serving as a financial hub of the world located in Southwestern Nori. Thousands of corporations, the wealthiest citizens of the worlds, and even national governments hoard extreme amounts of wealth in this small tropical republic. Extremely lax incorporation laws and other tax windfalls ensure that the country has become a hugely popular corporate haven.

  • Description of Your Nation's Military:
    Military Doctrine: Quality

    National Attitude: Defensive

    Military Focus:

      6 :Army
      5 :Navy
      4 :Air force
      0 :Marines/Expeditionary
      5 :Special Forces

    The Military of Ofrax is very small, a highly equipped and trained special force which essentially acts as a militarized police force when trouble breaks out and combating piracy and smuggling, although it is capable of putting up a very spirited defense in the event of an invasion by land or sea.

  • History of your Nation: Some people came here, liked it, built it, made money, profited, capitalism yeet.