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by The Dagorite Galactic Utopia of Voopmont. . 57 reads.

The Urana Firma Multiversal Assembly (UFMA)

Nations on this document have hereby agreed to the given terms and joined the UFMA.
1.While a part of the organization, nations must enforce the decision of any given resolution.
2.Any member nation may submit a proposal, which Voopmont will either accept or reject based on if it is written clearly enough and if it is a debatable topic. After this, all members will vote in the form of a poll in Voopmont Galactic Inc.
3.If members wish to repeal a resolution they may petition for it, if at least three members or forty percent of those who voted sign the petition (whichever is higher), those firmly against a repeal will sign a counter-repeal, whichever one has more signatures wins. If it is inconclusive, it will not be repealed.
4.Laws will not be implemented immediately to allow time for repeal.
5.If a proposal is approved, a request can be made to change certain details, these changes will then be voted on.
6.If a nation wishes to advertise a treaty or alliance they must submit it to Voopmont who will announce it to other members and pin it in Voopmont Galactic Inc.

Members:Aidviet Union, Dabberwocky, The New United Socialist Random Empire, BJMS (BJMShaw), Voopmont, Beatitas, Cevlaia, Shipgod, Weschenburg