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Anger Levels

Need a way to easily describe your anger level with someone in a given situation? No problem! Just find the level that best describes how you feel in any scenario.

Level Zero

You’re not angry. Why are you looking at this list? Go do something productive, you moron!

Level One

You’re slightly aggravated by being called a moron because all you wanted to do was to see if Euri wrote anything remotely good and/or Valsora-related.

Level Two

A friend just roasted the sh*t out of you and you couldn’t think of a comeback.

Level Three

The last parking space in a 40-acre lot was occupied by a cyclist.

Level Four

You were punched in the stomach by a bodybuilder.

Level Five

You were locked in a cramped closet filled to the brim with miscellaneous arthropods during the Carboniferous Period.