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Historical Military Weapons: Guns during the Imperial War

M-39A1 Submachine Gun
Cartridge: 9x19mm NATO/.45 ACP (depending on barrel)
Weight: 7.95lbs empty/8.15lbs loaded
Length: 21.9in (stock collapsed)/29.1in (stock extended)
RoF: 450 RPM
Feed System: 30 round box magazine


MG-42 Machine Gun

Winchester CS-097 Trench Gun Shotgun
The CS-097 is one of the longest serving pieces of equipment in the Dothraki Military. It was known to be a fierce sight during close quarters fighting when it first made its introduction during the Osean-Elerian War.
It was THE combat shotgun of the Dothraki Military and police forces throughout the Imperial War and well into the latter half of the century before it was phased out as the standard shotgun. However, it still sees limited service in the Dothraki Armed Forces.
A bayonet can be attached.
Cartridge: 12 gauge
Weight: 8lbs
Barrel Length: 20 inches
Magazine: 5 rounds
Range: 25 yards

M-40 Rifle
Cartridge:7.62x51mm NATO
Magazine: 10 rounds

M-44 Carbine
The M-44 carbine was developed after the onset of the Imperial War as a rear echelon and paratrooper weapon, it was designed to give forces better range, accuracy and firepower than a handgun while still being lighter than a full battle rifle. It also became popular with frontline troops who's duties precluded them from carrying a full sized rifle (like the M-40) such as mortar men, bazooka operators, and radiomen. However, it became popular with all manner of frontline troops, especially those fighting in rugged conditions, due to its light weight. The weapon had widespread use during Operation Cinder where many of the paratroopers were equipped with the gun.
It was capable of firing in both semi-automatic and full automatic. Although its smaller cartridge prevented it from having the same power as standard rifles of the day, it was excellent in the personal defense weapon role it was originally envisioned in.
After the war the M-44 would continue to be used for the next several decades by military police and other rear echelon forces until it was eventually phased out by the M-68 in the early 70's. In addition, it was used for even longer by Dothraki Police Forces, most notably Dothraki SWAT teams, and the Dothraki Marshals with some units using the gun up until the mid 90's.
Weight: 5.2lbs (unloaded)
Cartridge: .30 (7.62x33mm)
RoF: 750 RPM
Magazine: 15-30 round magazine


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