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by The Tosdodan Kingdom of South Reinkalistan. . 7 reads.

Negtosho Loresk ka Sut Reintosho

Glory to the Bold

South Reinkalistani Documentation of Foreign Nations

South Reinkalistan

Canon Policies: Autocracy, Theocracy, Monarchy,
Feudalism, State Press, No Dissent, Pledge of Allegiance,
Heterosexuality, No Adultery, No Contraception,
Capital Punishment, Conscription, No Prison,
Gun Ownership, Capitalism, No Computers,
Prohibition, Nuclear Power, Space Program,
Metricism, No Gambling, Slavery, No Immigration,
No Emigration, Weapons of Mass Destruction

Lead by the stoic and brutal King Sarkos IV, South Reinkalistan is truly the North Korea of the Caucasus. With a heavy emphasis on self-reliance, the nation is somewhat isolated from the rest of the world. Nobody is allowed to leave, and nobody is allowed to enter. Tourism is banned. Governed by a set of traditionalist values set out by the Tosdodatosto, the religious doctrine enforced rigorously by the ten-point Tunchix Doctrine that maintains law, many aspects of South Reinkalistan could be deemed backwards. Their strict ban on homosexuality, the legal ownership of women by their husbands, and all manner of other things make some more than worried about the future for this nation. The nation is also embroiled in a constant state of war with its northern neighbour, North Reinkalistan. A conflict of religion and ideology, many are wondering what either government would do should they claim victory. Many have even theorised that both powers are naturally ensured to keep the other in check. The South maintains a mighty sky-fleet of airships that became a standard part of Reinkalistani military tradition during the industrial revolution. This has given way to a distinguished admiral elite, in which the skies are seen as Reinkalistan's natural domain. This claim they view has lead to their aggressive and militaristic nature. The dedication towards ultimate victory has made the South Reinkalistani warrior mindset comparable to that of Imperial Japan in the 1930s and 40s. With an unyielding belief in the Saviour Tosdoda, Reinkalistanis have never been known to surrender. The first thing they receive in their military equipment is a cyanide pill should they be captured. The 'Toshokincon' doctrine, or 'People's War' is the idea that should an invader cross Reinkalistani soil, they will be guaranteed to face a force at least twice the size of theirs. No mobilisation is considered too drastic. The King makes it very clear that the Reinkalistanis are not to be outnumbered on their own soil. This nationalistic zeal that surrounds the nation, and the lack of any democratic institution whatsoever, has made international bodies declare the Tosdodan Kingdom to be "one of the greatest threats to global peace the West has ever faced".