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Trade Prince Albany Gallywix

Albany Gallywix

Trade Prince

In office:
May 15th, 2015-PRESENT

Preceded by: Neuman Gatz

Personal Details


June 9th, 1981 (38)
Neuburg, Alenshire


Alerian-English, Nordic, South African

Political Party:

Leviathan Party


Rose Buchanan (2002-2008)


Sterling Gallywix


Oxford College
- Degree in Fine Arts
- Executive Master of Business Administration


Buddhism, Taoism


"The World Is Yours"
- Trade Prince Albany Gallywix

Albany Allen Gallywix is an Alerian-born Trade Prince and business conglomerate CEO among Alenshire where his political policies have brought about the Leviathan Age of Alenshire. He is the House of the renowned company ”Lucky Ace Casino”, the founder of the remarkable Alerian retail store “Neumart” and enriched owner ”Cappa-Cola Industries” to which he has sourced headquarters for his thriving businesses in Neuburg, the premier business center of the region.

Early Life

Albany Gallywix hails from rural Snowburg(later being developed into Neuburg by Albany’s businesses) wherein he spent his first years as a farmhand in the developing town that took a toll to his physical health, and was born June 9th, 1981 into a poor farmer family. He attended Stover Community College but dropped out a few weeks into his first semester because he hated the unfair socialistic policies of the college that prohibited him from learning unbiased and attributable business lessons.

After dropping out of college he applied to the military, during his training for the infantry for the Alerian-Colgorian War, 19-year-old Albany read the Leviathan by Thomas Hobbes and began to apply the political theory to his future goals.

During the war, Gallywix reached the rank of Major in the Alenshire 16th Infantry Regiment, and was decorated for valor for his participation. After the war he used his G.L. (Good-Luck) pension from the military to finance his bootlegging services, an illegal fence to sell Colgorian property obtained from the war, and an underground gambling casino ring; all would fund his attendance to Oxford College. While there, he majored in business management and the fine arts wherein he earned an executive degree.

Rise in Politics

Having acclaimed a fortune in bootlegging and degrees of business and fine arts, Gallywix applied himself to act in several indie-films that would later become cult-classic of Alenshire as he rose through the ranks in politics.

In reaction to his criminal occupations (for which the government collected “fines” to protect Albany Gallywix from prison sentences) the Alerian people roared for the government to legalize gambling, overseas retailing, and alcohol. When the people were ignored they pleaded for Albany Gallywix to work in politics to get his acclaimed businesses legalized.

This sudden wave fortune and fame prompted Albany Gallywix to begin a rise in the political world, knowing that it would eventually become his domain.


After buying out the land that the previous corrupt socialistic government offered in attempts to appease their own desires, Gallywix became the leader of the Trade Empire, the most powerful Alerian corporations. Gallywix promoted conscription and service in the Alerian private militia, established the rights of producers and consumers in Alenshire, and lead Alenshire to become an envisioned representation of his Leviathan Manifesto.

Listening to his own people Gallywix allowed for alcohol, gambling, and fencing of overseas product. The originally poor economic status that Alenshire claimed through socialism was struck down by Albany’s capitalistic policies and he retains his position as Trade Prince of the Trade Empire in its service to Alenshire and its people.


  • Legalized Mafia
    The overarching policy maker of the nation in politics is the next able CEO business manager, tycoonist, and shareholder of Alenshire, which was previously held by an illegal conglomerate of The Committee( a council of heads of multiple crime families) which have now been seized by the Gallywix and its businesses in Alenshire legalized whereas internationally many of these trades appear wrong.

  • Capitalism
    Following Albany Gallywix objective of buying and reforming government businesses, all aspects business and all businesses of Alenshire would be handled by either the Trade Empire or any other persons/corporation. No government interference or competition.

  • Child Labor
    This policy was an placed to combat the costs of orphanages and to decrease the orphan in take of government assistance as it would allow children to become fully independent in whatever job they wish to pursue and encourage work experience. The policy attributed greatly to Alenshire’s frighteningly efficient economy as it nearly tripled the Alerian workforce.

For & Against

  • For: Free speech

  • Acceptance of other national cultures and systems.

  • Appreciation of self and self-preservation

  • Scientific Progress

  • Economic independence

  • Private military conscription

  • Sexuality and marriage Equality

  • Leviathanism

  • Against: Unwarranted democracy

  • Oppression over citizens

  • Socialism on the home-front

  • Surveillance of citizens

  • Discrimination of citizens

  • Business transparency

Personal Information

Before being sent off to war, Gallywix met and fell in love with 21-year-old debutante Rose Buchanan, who was everything Gallywix was not: rich and from a patrician New Atlas family. Rose believed Albany was of some wealthy aptitude by his mannerisms and stoic personality, insisting that they conceive before his departure.
Upon his arrival back Albany took a Colgorian emerald ring off a dead government official and intended to propose to Rose with it, though Rose told Albany that their child had died during birth and delayed Albany’s proposal. Eventually Albany married Rose and they conceived another child, but she soon came to find out that Gallywix only recently acclaimed his fortune and not when he first met her. Out of rage she exclaimed that their first born had not died but was sold to Colgorian rebels, Albany promptly divorced his wife after a year of marriage and took his second born child (Sterling Gallywix) with him.

Gallywix later developed a reputation for womanizing, hard drinking, chain smoking. He was linked romantically with acting and political figures Lupe Vélez, Marlene Dietrich and Dolores del Río, among many others. He would hold extravagant parties wherein he would indulge in exotic women, to which he continues to hold today but for the purpose of bringing joy to the people rather than fulfilling sexual desires.


“The World Is Yours”

“Success depends on forethought, dispassionate calculation of probabilities, accounting for every stray variable.”

“We Don’t Have To Dream Of A Better Future, We Can Plan And Achieve One”

“To impede progress, you produce democracies that have failed”

“Organized Society That Steals From You Is A Regurgitation Of The Past”

“Ideological Purity Doesn’t Amount To Much When You’re Outnumbered”

“To Wait For Action Means Grotesque Production”