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Armed Forces Reform 11-19

Armed Forces Reform 11-19 establishes the Commonwealth of Jiria Space Force as a distinct branch of the Commonwealth of Jiria Military

Research & Development of military spacecraft is to commence immediately in 4 Tranches.

Tranche 1 will consist of a 100% reusable surface-to-orbit shuttle system, an orbital combat craft, and a permanent space station in Low Earth Orbit.

Tranche 2 will consist of Enhanced Combat Craft to secure a base of operations on Luna, an Earth-to-Luna freight craft, and a permanent Luna Base

Tranche 3 will consist of Advanced Combat Craft to project power to Mars, an High Delta-V Freighter for cargo operations between Earth, Luna, and Mars, and permanent Mars stations and bases.

Tranche 4 will consist of advanced research & development into a coherent space warfare doctrine & development of a permanent Space Force fleet.