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Varstardberg officially the Varstardian Workers Republic is a sovereign nation located on the South East African coast. It has a population of 160 million as of 2019 and is the largest island in the world with a size of 5.920 million km² and a population of 160 million. The nation has close economic ties with South Africa, Mozambique, Spain and Argentina with the country exporting manufacturing goods and natural resources such as diamonds, gold and cobalt infact in terms of cobalt mining the country has the largest industry in the entire world. The country has 5 provinces Ardenberg (where the capital Flussstadt), Wafferheim (pronounced Vafferheim), Südostland, Verania and Totsdam. The nation's people (ethnic Varstardians) are descendants of German, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, French, Belgian and Dutch settlers who began arriving in the would be country in 1666. With a GDP of 24 Trillion Varstardberg is the richest country in the world and has the highest standard of living not just in Africa but in the world. The country has been run by the socialist People's Party ever since the Achtenberg uprisings of 1968 and maintains an economy run by worker syndicates that partake in free association with one another and are rarely regulated by the state, markets in the country have largely been fazed out of the economy but certain markets for luxury goods still remain. The country's biggest cities are Flussstadt (13.120 million inhabitants), Ruttenberg (9.600 million inhabitants) and Neu Silesia (7.040 million inhabitants).

The Republic of Varstardberg