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Realms of the Mad Gods

Numens, who are they? To put it simply, they're beings that posses immense knowledge, giving them godly status, despite the fact that each Numen used to be a mortal. One can think of them as 'Type Vs in a bottle' and their respective realms, if they posses one, are non-Euclidian pocket realms that are either static in nature, lingering on Yvresse due to emotional or egotistical reasoning or something stored in their mind, pipping and popping in and out of it whenever they wish. Some desire to be a traditional god, some simply wish to distract themselves from existence and dedicating themselves to their most notable trait and some? Some just want to help. To give people hope and joy in their lives when none exists in theirs. To preserve some sort of 'balance' in the universe and maintain order of some sorts.

Isis, the Numen of Divinity

Isis, known as the Nehekharan (a now ancient and dead civilization) Goddess of Magic and Wisdom and the Mother Goddess, is considered to be one of the most significant goddesses in all of the Old World and Nehekhra. She is worshipped and revered in many pockets around Yversse due to her motherly and benevolent nature, proven by her divine authorities, such as relieving parts of the Yvresse's farmland that were struck by droughts and swarms of locusts. She shared her wisdom with businessmen, relieved mothers from the pains of childbirth and commanded the minor gods and goddesses of the Nehekharan Pantheon to send their minions to seek out and battle any malicious forces that may prove to be a nuisance to the stability of the world. All Isis asks in return is for her followers to worship her. Isis expects but does not demand for her followers to pray to her regularly, maintain a depiction of her in their homes, perform in rituals and sacrifices in her name at her respective temple, carry out grand festivals whenever suitable. It is simple economics. Feed her ego and receive her blessings. Of course, what is a goddess without monuments, temples, paintings, statues or any grandiose offering? Of course, the goddess does not take offence from those who cannot spare their time, health or energy to worshipping her. When a follower is dealing with an issue that prevents them from worshipping their goddess, Isis will send a blessing their way in the form of useful spirit, words of wisdom during their dreams, food or wealth, protective magic and if the situation indeed calls for it, Isis herself would descend to deal with an issue that is impeding her worship swiftly. For example, the Numen was once witnessed to have banished a Daemon that had occupied her chief temple, massacred a number of her faithful followers and tainted the aura of the temple. Such an action was witnessed by many and only made the goddess Isis even more favourable in the eyes of those that were previously hesitant in accepting her.

Even though Isis does bless her followers, only the wisest and most perceptive of mortals will discern that Isis is a manipulative and deceitful goddess, stroking the egos of those that have a place in her plan to become the new patron goddess of humankind while undermining any that stand in her path. Every charitable act performed by the Mother Goddess would eventually benefit her. Would that still make her interventions any less virtuous?


This picturesque realm of Isis is one filled with desert-orientated architecture from simple homes made of Kemet Silver to long-winding spires and towering pyramids made of such stone-like metal, created by yours truly to fit her fastidious aesthetic. This realm is filled with the descendents, creations and most loyal followers of the goddess. Such a realm spans for billions of kilometers and yet, it is frustratingly difficult to find without the guidance of Isis. The Duat is not what one would consider to be an alternate dimension or reality. It might be translocated into other dimensions, keeping such a realm as a constant wherever it may be. It is simply an abnormally packed density of mass located somwhere on Yvresse's surface, all thanks to the concept of non-Eucliden geometry. One may find the door to such a realm and peer into her realm if they can find the correct oasis to dive into which may be found in the vast Vorain Desert of Yvresse. It is also not a static realm in terms of size and can be expanded through matter-energy conversion (This is how a Numen's realm works in general).

All a mortal may do in her realm is simply enjoy their time there, occassionally keeping Isis company and being rewarded by her depending on her whims. These rewards vary. You could simply be given free access to the realm wherever you may be, living two lives at once: Your real life in Bloodshade and the life under the care of the Numen of Fertility whenever you may have the time to spare. Isis is not possesive. The door to her realm is unlocked for any who are lucky enough to be worth gracing her prescence. There, they may witness the creativity of her mind, feeding her ego and rarely granting her unique perspectives that allows her to grow evermore powerful with the creative powers of her mind, forming what may serve to be the basis of an enviable yet humble civilization.

Ba'alat, the Numen of Creation's Lie

Nothing but a lie that simply should not exist. A trickster and a prowler. Her nature begets insanity in the minds of any that aren't prepared to witness her form. She exists to confuse, frustrate and anger all those that attempt to make sense of her existence. No reason to linger yet she persists. Deep down, she is a shallow being. She resists anything but temptation. Her only rule is to forgo all rules. Her mind is that of a labyrinth and as a result, so does her nature reflect in the realm that she's crafted for herself.

Belistra, the Numen of Decay

Whether it be the decay of sentient life, ideas, concepts, states, nations or simply anything that may be vulnerable to the passing of time, the Numen of Decay plays a part. She controls the what one would consider to be the dead, whether it be the psyches of dead individuals or preserving abstract concepts that may have faded from the minds of mortal beings. She may hold sway over all things that are not what they may be.

Despite being such a morbid being, she's somehow known for her genuine, relative benevolence, mostly expressed through her ability to protect the dreams of any being that may run the risk of having their mind perverted by other Daemons or malicious Numens, mainly Ba'alat. If there's one thing that Belistra despises, its anything that may unnaturally lengthen one's organic lifespan, mainly through necromancy although she does frown upon trans-sentientism, starving her realm of those that may seek eternal peace when they expire and require a barrier from the noise of life.

Helheim, featuring Belistra's realmkeeper, Ulfhildgar

Danu, the Numen of Avarice

Destined to comb the omniverse for every little trinket, every little bauble, every little life and every little thought, Danu's pursuit of anything and everything that may calm her ever-gluttonous existence. You'll find her combing existence simply to achieve this sense of novelty eternally. Nothing brings this Numen more joy than to experience or acquire a new sensation, whether it be gained from a being, item, sense or thought. She's one of the few to use her own realm as nothing but a pocket for everything she's collected over the aeons of her existence. You have something. She wants it. Don't name your price. She'll already be scouring for whatever mind or matter that might suit you. Danu could not care less for the affairs of civilizations across whatever star system, dimension or whatever knock and cranny you're inhabiting. Danu only wants what she has no knowledge of. Give her something she desires and you'll have her wrapped around your finger, if only for a moment.

Compared to the other Numens, she's a relatively peaceful being, she doesn't enjoy taking things by force, even if she posseses the capability. She has no need for company, even though in her pocket realm, aptly named Avarice, she has an uncountable number of sentient beings and subsequently, civilizations , forced to live in her clutches until one is lucky enough to present the Numen of Avarice with something that may elicit a sense of novelty in her expansive grey matter. One might consider the Numen of Avarice to be a genie of sorts. She is bound by her code of honor when it comes to acquiring 'treasure' so when someone somehow manages to grant her something completely novel in nature, she places herself in their debt, paying them back with whatever they desire. Those that ask for her companionship or to experience her human form tend to tick her off. It's one of the very few moments where the Numen will indirectly pull out the being of their dreams from indefinite population in her possession and then morphing their appearance to imitate hers, pleasing her creditor and her integrity (unless the creditor can possibly grant her some sense she's never felt before but she doubts it). One might think it's strange for a Numen to care for something as petty as their integrity but no one knows why she resists such base offers from her creditors. Perhaps the collective sexual frustration of sentience has managed to piss off a Numen such as her. Perhaps that is the universe's greatest force.

Danu has a set of guidelines that she tells herself and abides by in order to maximize her chances of getting what she wants. Some of these are reminders for herself, others set a mindset of sorts:

  • Once you get what you want, never give it back.

  • Open up negotiations with the thought that you have them wrapped around your finger.

  • Frauds deserve death

  • Always keep a list of your contributors. You never know what they might offer the next time I drop by.

  • So long as I get what I want, time is not a precious commodity.

  • Always inspect the product before making a deal

  • Everyone has a price, unless they're a rival or sentimental.

  • Greed drives the omniverse