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1. XKISP - XKI - International Space Station (XKIISS) Kurshivar
2. XKISP - Site XK-19 Kurshivar
3. XKISP - Athena I: Send a man to the moon Haivon
4. XKISP - Dorabi Ocean Level Tracker (DOLT) Dorab
5. XKISP - Orbital Guardian: Cerberus Kurshivar
6. XKISP - International Communication Satellite Chain: Ratatoskr Kurshivar
7. XKISP - Project Cometa: A try to capture a comet and take his resources and study him Haivon

To the Members of the XKISP; List your planned projects above with your name included and create a separate Factbook about said project.