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Civilization Types

Manpower- How much usable population each province has

Conscription-How much manpower per province can be used at a time

Replenishment-How much your manpower recovers every week

Weekly Expansion-The maximum amount of provinces you can expand to in a week

Province Cap-The total amount of provinces your country can have

Advancement Rate-How long it takes to get an Advancement

Expansion Range-How far from your mainland or adjacent borders you can settle

Diplomatic Range-The maximum distance that other civilizations have to be in for you to be able to engage in diplomacy with them.

MP- Magic Points, more information in

Manpower: 90,000
Conscription 10%
Replenishment 5%
Weekly Expansion 3
Province Cap 75
Advancement Rate 10 weeks
Expansion Range tbd
Diplomatic Range tbd

Manpower: 70,000
Conscription 20%
Replenishment 5%
Weekly Expansion 4
Province Cap 90
Advancement Rate 12 Weeks
Expansion Range
Diplomatic Range

Manpower: 200,000
Conscription 10%
Replenishment 8%
Weekly Expansion 1
Province Cap 20
Advancement Rate 8 Weeks
Expansion Range
Diplomatic Range

Manpower: 50,000
Conscription 15%
Replenishment 15%
Weekly Expansion 5
Province Cap 100
Advancement Rate 13 Weeks
Expansion Range
Diplomatic Range
Magic Affinity: Get double MP's from Advancements

Manpower: 20,000
Conscription 25%
Replenishment 20%
Weekly Expansion 7
Province Cap 125
Advancement Rate 15 Weeks
Expansion Range
Diplomatic Range
Magic Affinity Gain double MP's from advancements

Manpower: 120,000
Conscription 10%
Replenishment 2%
Weekly Expansion 2
Province Cap 30
Advancement Rate 9 Weeks
Expansion Range
Diplomatic Range