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Rodriguo Alvarez

Rodriguo Alvarez. War Hero. Soldier. Staunch Axerrian Patriot. Head of the Security Vanguard, he is the 23rd Grand Marshal of the Federated Commonwealth. Growing up in abject poverty, he fled home when he was 14 when his parents were killed in a racially-aggravated attack. After this, he joined the 'Young Patriots' youth foundation at age 16, where he grew a fascination for the life of a soldier. Following this, he decided to enlist in the military two years later. Having served in multiple wars of conquest, during which he was noted for outstanding bravery, he quickly rose through the ranks. Alvarez eventually reached the rank of General, before retiring and entering the world of politics. Swiftly, he became leader of the Security Vanguard, and managed to win an electoral landslide victory against the Progressive Institute, with his revered heroism appealing to the electorate, who were required to be of military background to vote, as per the constitution. Following this, he has managed to expand the Federated Commonwealth through wars of conquest, securing control of vast swathes of territory.


Rodriguo is politically a 'Federal Traditionalist', in that he believes in the founding traditions of the Federated Commonwealth. These include Citizen Service, a system through which only those who have served a minimum of two years in the Axerrian Armed Forces are allowed to vote and hold office. It also advocates a strong sense of nationalistic zeal, and Rodriguo is a noted proponent of expanding Axerria's territory through force.
For: Capitalism, Nationalism, Conservatism, Citizen Service, Expansionism, Militarism, Secularism
Against: Racism, Socialism, Globalism, Communism, Christianity, Paganism

Political Compass:
Economic: 4.23
Social: 3.44


In tandem with his direction of military affairs, Rodriguo spends his free time engaging in non-competitive sports and board games. He is noted for his proficiency in chess, and is an avid swimmer and cyclist. At night, he can often be seen riding in the streets of the Capitol. He also attends exquisite dinner parties with other political figures, and has known to get outrageously drunk. His exploits while intoxicated have made headlines in the past, and will doubtless make more in the future.